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Whats the story with Viva Vida Ins?

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  • Whats the story with Viva Vida Ins?

    I took out Viva Vida health ins, which is widely advertised, when I was in Japan last year. I received out-patient hospital treatment for something that does not seem to be on their list of exclusions, about 6 weeks before leaving japan. They were very slack about sending out the forms, it took 3 or 4 phone calls before I received them, at which point I was about to leave the country.
    On the phone, I was told the claims procedure, and told I'd be refunded into my bank account in Australia. So I sent all the relevent documents and even a letter in Japanese explaining bank acct details for transfer.....9 months later, having sent duplicates again by post, still no reply.

    The medexplan website says its very much "buyer beware" with VV, and that they have no underwriter. Obviously I didn't read this b4 signing up, they seemed legit, I was only working PT and hard pressed to afford the premiums of Medex and the like. At 22, 000 yen, its not a huge amount of money, but I want to chase this up, as I hate to think I'm lining the pockets of some dodgy outfit. I've also emailed, and Im about to phone, but would be interested to hear of any of your experiences with these guys.

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    Re: Whats the story with Viva Vida Ins?

    Best thing to do is to walk into their office with a baseball bat and busting the head of the first clown you see. That will get their attention and then you can demand your money.
    If you are adverse to my suggestion, forget it as you are not here, and it legal action could wind up costing a lot more than the 22, 000 yen. There have been warnings about these clowns, but for some reason they manage to get over, again and again.