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NHI bill problem

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  • NHI bill problem

    After I quit my last job and moved to Chiba, started working a month later with a firm that has an insurance package, I thought I'd managed an escape from the dreaded NHI second year rate hike, if a little on the sly. However, much to my dismay, I got a bill for the forthcoming years payments in the mail this last week. As I have insurance through work, I feel like Im paying twice for the same thing. I've asked my supervisor at work to chase it up and she said I probably wouldnt have to pay, but not to quote her on it.

    If they've got me I understand, I knew when I started it would be better to go private, but was in debt and my company used the NHI.. It was too easy at the time. Anyone been in or heard of a similar situation and have advice, an escape story etc.?