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National Azabu Supermarket - New Location Yet?

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  • National Azabu Supermarket - New Location Yet?

    National Azabu supermarket closed in October 2011. Anyone know if they have re-opened yet? If so, where and what are their hours?

    Also, how would this store compare with, say, Seijo Ishi or Kaldi Coffee?


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    I believe they have a little temporary store up in the old location and that the new store will open (same place) in August.

    If you can't hang out that long go to Nissin supermarket. They're great too. And they have really good meat and such.
    It's a little expensive.
    Kaldi is great. i am really impressed with how they have grown and the products they offer.
    I hate the free coffee deal though which jams the stores with people there the coffee who then feel they should wander around for a few minutes. Great idea though.
    They're small though and not much in the way of deli, meat, cheese or vegetables.
    Foodshow under Shibuya station does a pretty good range of gaijin food. Not like Nissin and National though.


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      Thanks. I always get Nissin and National Azabu supermarkets mixed up. I realize now that I've never been to National Azabu supermarket but have shopped at Nissin. Yeah, Nissin his pretty good, but as you say, expensive.

      I just did a Google map search and see that National Azabu supermarket has a Hiroo Station location and Google Maps has gone right into the store so that you can actually see inside the supermarket.

      I'm just guessing, but this is probably the little Azabu supermarket that was mentioned above: