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Ogling Oppai good for the Heart

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  • Ogling Oppai good for the Heart

    If Fox News says so, it myst be true!
    Study: Staring at Breasts Increases Heart Health

    (FOX 25 / - Guys, listen up. A new study says it is actually healthy to stare at a woman's breasts.
    Five-hundred men participated in the German study. Half were told to refrain from looking at breasts for five years, the other half were told to ogle them daily.
    The study found the men who stared at breasts more often showed lower rates of heart problems, a lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure.

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    It says a lot about studies. I'll give it that.


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      Originally posted by twelvedown View Post
      It says a lot about studies. I'll give it that.
      Indeed - the impossible requirements placed on the participants, the obvious mistake in believing what the men told the testers, and the shear stupidity of the test objectives... I mean, outside of that remote uninhabited island (where the powers that be might want to air-drop in a sweetie), or a prison for lifers where it doesn't matter anyway (but where they might choose to use buxom guards) - just exactly what benefit could come from this study? Men are going to be doing that naturally - no matter what.