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CD-burner / software / macs

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  • CD-burner / software / macs

    Two questions: I have an English-only iMac (imported obviously) and would like to buy a CD-burner. Some people have said I can hook up a Japanese one to my iMac (as it does read Japanese characters) and salesclerks don't know. Anyone know FOR SURE whether it will work or not? I have rev. C / 266mHz / USB1.1 / 160m RAM Also, does anyone know where I can buy an English version of Norton Systemworks for Mac, in Japan, or a company that will ship it to Japan? Thanks for the help!

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    Re: CD-burner / software / macs

    Symantec, the makers of Norton Software, have marketing restrictions on all their products, and dealers cannot ship to Japan. Easiest is to ship to a friend in your home country and have them send on to you privately. Paying import tax of course. Only import place that might have an English version is T-Zone in Nishi-Shinjuku, but they have a limited range.

    If you have Toast CD-burning software version 4 or 5, it will burn quite happily on any compatible CD-burner. (Check their website for details - I use various Ricoh, Yamaha and Sony burners, all bought in Japan, with English Toast 5. Any USB driver sits in the background, and is not affected by language issues. Can't comment on other software versions.

    Caution, get a pure USB burner or a Firwire model, as using USB-SCSI adapters can some times freeze with data bottlenecks. A pure SCSI is probably still the best, but as newer Macs don't have built-in SCSI, that is a shame.

    Trip Hop


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      Re: CD-burner / software / macs

      I agree with Trip Hop about shipping software to a friend who would then ship it to you. As for the CD-burner, go to your local shop, find a model that you like and then (this is important) go to the model's company's support page and try to find an English Mac OS driver. If you can find it, you shouldn't have a problem installing said CD-burner.



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        Re: CD-burner / software / macs

        Worth checking is T-Zone in Akihabara. I bought there Norton System Works, though for Windows.