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iPhone as 3G modem via USB, (aka tethering?) Softbank policy?

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    i have been doing this with my unlocked Jailbroken iphone for about 6 months now. I use it at work everyday and the dl meter at the end of the day is about a gig. You have to understand that the japanese are nowhere near as greedy as the Americans. They don't dl stuff like we do in the states. It's why the stateside providers have to put limits on dls and charge money if you want extra. You also have to undestand that the japanese infrastructure runs ours in loops. I know friends back home that would give up their left nut to get the fiber speeds I have in my house. Plus of all the millions of users on the softbank network, how many are gaijin? I seriously doubt we are putting a dint in the network throughput/bandwidth. People get into trouble because they use their silver or white sim in the iphone. You need to have the black sim and you will be ok.