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Alternative Okinawa: Americans Out!

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    Originally posted by YokohamaTommy View Post
    You know who the biggest murderers of all are, right?
    Volcanoes, Comets. Gamma Ray Bursts, Super Novas.
    I repeat what I have said before: 99% of all species that has ever existed has gone extinct.
    We are not special, nor are dolphins or whales, or any other animal.
    There's no such thing as morality, and at the end of the day,
    i would gladly eat you and your whole family to survive.

    Suck the marrow from it,
    spit it out, and dance on it's crispy dried dead husk.
    and then, move on to the next one, sez I.
    Be like a swarm. Like ravenous consuming locusts.
    Successful patterns repeat themselves.
    If you are too stupid to evade a net or a gun,
    You will be dinner for superior creatures.
    CONSUME THE UNIVERSE! (Before it does the same to you.)

    All hail the Galactic Imperial Tabehodai!!

    Our motto is,
    Better YOU than me, biotches!
    Oh, and White Japanese meat is on the menu.
    In other words, eat everything before she does


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      Originally posted by thattherebeendone
      Okinawa: a military base with few golf courses and a nice island attached.

      Nice to see our boys have places to go when they're not defending freedom!


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        The people of Okinawa are not Japanese, you would know this if you knew them.

        They were attacked by a clan from Kagoshima, and being a peaceful people at the time, who used no weapons as such, were overtaken.

        The Japanese weakly chose Okinawa to fight the Americans on during WWII, as they didn't want their 'precious' mainland to be struck with war, or inevitable Karma. Instead 2 bombs were dropped on them for the way they fought on Iwo jima and Okinawa.

        The older people in Okinawa do not like Japanese people visiting Okinawa, they still remember losing around 30% of their people from the tyranny of the Japanese Imperial military, the enforced suicides, and abandoning the Okinawan's who helped them during the Battle of Okinawa, mostly near the end when they refused to surrender.

        After WWII, Okinawa was part of America, some time later, in the early 70's I believe it was offhand, the Okinawan's chose to return back to Japanese rule. Better the evil they knew, than the evil they didn't know, so to speak.

        They would like their land back, but some profit well from the rent they receive. It would cripple the economy if the bases went, but they could be dramatically downsized and moved elsewhere in Japan.

        But the J. Govt and its Imperial history doesn't want the disgrace of hosting more bases, another reminder of the 'shame' of losing to the U.S. in WWII. A fact that many Japanese emu's don't want to admit, so they just keep their heads in the sand.

        They did that with the economy too, 20 years of stagnation testifies to that. And the little money they give to Okinawa, and the way they discriminate against Okinawa testifies to they obvious neglect too.

        This does also-

        Shameful it is, but not surprising. Indigenous people are usually mistreated by the Imperial colonialists that occupy and conquer them.

        Thankfully for Okinawa, its spirit is strong and they are a people that cannot be broken by the weakness of character and the cruelty in nature of some of the most barbaric narrow minded souls that walked the earth.

        The shameless souls that create their own suffering and then shirk the responsibility to properly deal with it in a responsible and proper manner and get dizzy from trying to point the finger playing the blame game.

        So many needlessly died, so much needless destruction, and the Nuclear safety issue in an earthquake prone country with so many unsafe ticking time bombs? How close are you to one?

        I don't think China nor Nth Korea will cause Japan much trouble, it is Japan that has been the master of its own suffering for quite some time now, and the future looks a tad grim.

        Glad Okinawa has no Nuclear Power plants, is not on a fault, and am confident that the Nuclear waste will not arrive on the doorstep like some twisted recycling project from Tokyo.

        Okinawa could probably do better as an Independent country, and removing its dependency on both the U.S. and Japan would be a good thing over time.


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          Good to see you haven't lost that mawkish historical hysteria, Raddy.

          That aside, some good points.

          A bit overwrought, but not complete dross.


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            That's a compliment from you.