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JCOM vs NTT (Asahi)

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  • JCOM vs NTT (Asahi)

    Dear Forum,

    I am having trouble deciding between JCOM and NTT hikari next dervice.
    For my apartment I have the mini-mansion type (it's a small, 4 apartments complex) so the connection will cost me around 5300 yen a month. With JCOM I can get for around the same price a land-line and a cable TV package + 160 MB connection which sounds good, but I heard there are problems using P2P with JCOM and also limitations on uploading.

    Can any of you share you uploading and downloading speeds (JCOM and NTT Hikari-next users) - this is a nice link for doing so:

    Thank you so much

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    OK JCOM I have at the moment it is about 10000 for the services you talk about that is included. Upload speed at my place is about 7 - 8 mbps, which is good enough. The upload limits everyone is on about is 30gigs a day. You will have this cap on all providers. All providers will also throttle p2p. Theoretically fibre should be better, but I am not sure about NTT as the backbone. What can their equipment handle. One good thing is that you will not experience slow downs when many people connect with fiber as compared to cable.

    Just choose the one you like most. I chose JCOM cause most servers cannot handle uploads at the maximum speed I can get from my connection, plus I get a bunch of free channels. If NTT gives the extra chanels you can watch, in the form of IPTV, which I think they would, check their listings and decide.