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Softbank White BB ADSL service. Also Deadly Slow!

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  • Softbank White BB ADSL service. Also Deadly Slow!

    So after the whole situation I had with wifi pocket I decided I was best off going with the ADSL that softbank offers. Just turned it on today, and speed test showed 2.7 Mbps. For reference my wifi pocket from the hours of 3am to 10am does 5-7 Mbps.

    So frustrated I called Softbank. Their response being that if I don't like it I can send it back. Got a week to decide. But if I send it back I still have to pay for the construction that they did to put phone line into my place. Comes to about 9000 yen.

    Well at least I can watch youtube again. Can't believe I would ever hear myself say something like that these days.

    Anyone else with Softbank ADSL? What speeds are you getting?