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regularly Soft-bank simcard on an unlocked iPhone or Sony Xperia smartphone

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  • regularly Soft-bank simcard on an unlocked iPhone or Sony Xperia smartphone

    I am a new member in this forum. I a have a question, I hope you can help me.
    In 2009 I toke a 3G iphone with white plan. last year, my 2 years contract finished. I do not use iphone internet and my cellular data is off. during my contract I was receiving a 6000-7000 yen bill every month.
    my internet plan was not ultimate so it should be 1500yen if I do not use internet.after expiration of my contract it was automatically renewed. It was strange for me because I still was receiving same 6000 yen bill
    every month even if my contract was finished and I only use iphone with my Wifi and i only call softbank numbers before 9pm.
    I went to softbank and I think they are f----ing lairs. they said I am using internet but I really do not. I canceled my contract and paid around 10000yen for cancellation and toke a new simcard with a simple phone.
    they told me if i do not use internet and email i receive a 980+1280 yen every month for next 2 years.
    last night I unlocked my Iphone 3G and then used the new simcard with the unlocked iphone. It is working perfectly.
    Now my question is: 1. if I continue using new SIMcard in unlocked iphone and use only wifi, dose it possible again i get same bill or even a bigger one?
    2. If I buy an unlocked New Sony Xperia S from Amazon or any other kind of unlocked phone, do they work with my current SIMcard?
    Your attention and answer is highly appreciated.
    Thank you very much