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NEW Softbank Pocket Wifi 203Z 4G

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  • NEW Softbank Pocket Wifi 203Z 4G

    I already have a 24 month contract with the "ULTRA Wifi Softbank 007Z" ( It works well enough. I just did a speedtest: Download 14mbps/upload 1.5mbps. I can use skype, watch HD youtube, play online games. The only problem is it cuts out no and then. This was an absolute pain in the ass when I first got it because there was no apparent way of reconnecting without turning the damn thing off and on again. Then some genius (NOT SOFTBANK) created an iPhone app that allows you to play around with the settings from ur smart phone. Of course, if I didn't have an iPhone I'd be screwed, but I did so I stuck with it.

    Now Softbank are releasing there new "Pocket WiFi 203Z" ( and have offered me to upgrade for free, so long as I start a new 24month contract with the new product. It advertises up to 110mbps, 4G, longer battery life etc etc.

    I'm not too computer savvy, so can someone help me out? I've heard a lot of people complain about the previous "4G" softbank ULTRA Wifi model, saying it's slow and cuts out. There's even a thread on gaijinpot forums for it ( Now I'm wondering, if my current device works at X speed, will updating to a new device actually make any difference? For example if my area isn't "4G" compatible, will I just get the same speeds as before? Also I'm worried that if it does cut-out like my current device, since it's brand new there probably won't be a magical app to save me.

    God damn softbank for making a product that a) their staff have no idea about, and b) you can't properly use without a smartphone app. Any opinions?