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what's on your bookshelf

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  • what's on your bookshelf

    here's a sampling of what's on mine:
    *topographies of japanese modernism*
    *monkey brain sushi*
    *tattoos of the floating world*
    *yakuza: japan's criminal underground*
    *women of the pleasure quarters*
    *the rise of fashion*
    *dressing the man: mastering the art of permanent fashion*
    *accomplices of silence*
    *comparative poetics*

    i'm on a book thing right now, so if you know of any must haves for one's library, lemme know.

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    The Zen of Library Maintenance

    I have no books. Just a bookshelf.

    Like an empty vessel waiting to be filled, so the wisdom of the ages sits in anticipation of the coming enlightenment.

    Makes organising it a breeze, too.


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      Haha! I'd like to answer this.

      My spread varies like a heaven and earth. Here goes (some of my favourite which I brought when I came to JP)
      - Lonely planet's Japan
      - Lonely planet's Europe on a Shoestring
      - Surviving the World's Great cities - Tokyo
      - Italian phrasebook
      - Oxford Dictionary
      - Hitler
      - Handbook of Urban Survival - a going away gift fr a fren
      - The Holocaust
      - Chicken Soup for the Traveller's Soul
      - 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions
      - Tom Clancy's Executive Orders
      - Sidney Sheldon's The Stars Shine Down (haha!)
      & more Japan books & those Kamasutra & Hite reports books are not displayed in the bookshelf but stashed to the back of the room wardrobe.


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        whats on yer bookshelf

        whats on yer bookshelf



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          I have some books. Some fiction, some non-fiction and dust.


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            Hagakure, just for the kitsch value.


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              Yeah!! Books!!!

              All the Harry Potter books.
              Lord of the Rings
              Bridget Jones' Diary
              Stephen King's IT
              Oxford Anthology of 20th Century British Literature
              100 yers of solitude
              The Godfather
              Homer's Odyssey
              Collection of the best New Zealand short stories
              The complete works of the Bronte sisters
              Who left the gas on: A lighthearted look at the life of Sylvia Plath
              Lonely Planet's guide to Thailand


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                Litter rat chair.

                What`s on my bookshelf?

                Bicycle parts
                Ten dictionaries,yes ten
                Research and Methodology
                Oxford Medical dictionary
                Initial D comics
                Justice of the the peace manuals(QLD and NSW)
                Various law rubbish
                Cycling Australia magazines
                Let`s go english series
                Express ways series
                Lance Armstrongs Its not about the bike.
                JPT 2 and JPT 1 books(JPT 1 not opened yet)
                History of the Hutt valley. NZ
                Harry Potter
                My wifes music scores(____loads of em)
                There is no more space!


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                  A PM-4000PX printer, software, microphones, a tennis ball, two rolls of duct tape, boxful of tools, old hard drives, a can of car wax, a pair of numchuk, bunch of rolled up ties, some coffee cups, Durex boxes, various cables, ... and books, manuals, an music scores stashed behind all these.

                  Some people call it messy; I call it an organized chaos.


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                    on......... the top or in the bookshelf
                    heres on the top


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                      Candles, incense (Korean, local, Vietnamese), Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, Hugh Johnson, Che Guevara, Aruhndati Roy, Hugh McLennan, the Bible, Bell Hooks, Irvine Welsh, Murakami, Larousse Gastronomique, Jack Kerouac, F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Quaran, my verbose, and slightly embarassing thesis, a black bic infinitum


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                        loads of wedding photos that need to be organized, stones, ornaments, vases, candles.. and books, glorious books! far too many of them..

                        current reads include one about Dadaism I'm ploughing through, Simone de Beavoir's autobiography (part2), and the Suicidal Bunny manga.

                        can never have too many books!!


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                          8 books on learning Kanji...


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                            A ton of language textbooks and dictionaries, plenty of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy etc, Dickens rates a mention and add to that John Grisham.


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                              A ton of legal texts and casebooks that don't merit listing.

                              But I do have a lot of Japan-related books too:

                              "Tale of Genji" Siedensticker translation

                              "A History of Japan" (3 volumes) by George Sansom

                              "Japanese Tales" translated by Royall Tyler

                              "Okinawa: History of an Island People" by George Kerr

                              "Japanese Inn" by Oliver Statler

                              "Tales of Old Japan" by L. Redesdale

                              "Taiheiki" translated by Montgomery

                              "East Asia: The Great Tradition" By Reischauer and Adams