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  • Looking for translation

    Can anybody recommend a good company for English to Japanese translation? I have a speech to make at work, pretty short. But I also have a report to write for the European half of our company. However it is extremely important that the Japanese understand it all as well. I am looking for a company that would translate it perfectly, and not try to "censure" it - for example if the report says "angry" I dont want the Japanese translation to be "not happy".
    Ideally I would like them to translate it into the correct writing - kanji and hiragana but also to write the kanji in hiragana so that I can read it and learn it for myself, and this is obviously necessary for the speech.
    Anybody got any idea of companies, and also how much I should expect to pay? Speech is one sheet of A4, and report is maybe going to be four pages. I am in the Yokohama area.