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    hi my name is rokhaya
    and i love learning new language im currently learning japanese and i would love to be able to talk to somebody in japaness but as i live in african it hard tp fond anybody that speak japanes .
    anyway i wanted to know if any of you would be intersted or okay to skype with me from time to time in japanese to improve myself ant discover this amazing culture
    and i sorry if i made any mistake i have dislexia

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    You can go to the Skype website and post this directly on their forums. They have a section for people who just want to practice their language skills. At least they did a few months ago. I used to do this and it was somewhat useful. There are also free sites whose sole purpose is to connect you to other native speakers. If you are new to Japanese, it might not be very helpful, but you can give it a try.


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      I don't know if you are interested in taking lessons but I took some conversation lessons with a Japanese teacher in an online classroom and he was very good. I am currently in Japan and practicing with him was very useful. I've been taking Japanese at University but I don't get a lot of conversation practice at school but after practicing with him I can actually interact with shopkeepers and people I meet. His conversation lessons are cheaper than his actual Japanese lessons so they were in my budget as a poor college student. He offers free trial lessons so you can talk to him before you decide whether you would like to have him as a teacher or not. I was a bit dubious about online lessons at first but the website he uses has a good online classroom, it's actually better than skype My skype always fails me is the link to his profile if you are interested:!/Teacher?sid=4e6ca446-1f83-11e3-97f4-00254bfffefb