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Gaijin Break up

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  • Gaijin Break up


    Just wondering what the proportional break up of where most NOVA employees come from, i.e. America, Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, Ireland???? I know it will vary but is there a general rule like 'there is 1 American to every other nationality' Are there many Southern Englishwomen with those erection giving accents of theirs?mmmm.

    Do you often see gaijin couples getting together or does the general feeling I get from this site prevail; that most gaijin men teaching at this level are sex-crazed beasts praying on the locals .

    Also wondering if NOVA have a gender segregation policy on acccomodation or can you easily move in with a love/lust interest if you find yourself compelled to do so.


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    Re: Gaijin Break up

    Are you planning to come to Japan to teach, or to get laid? Sorry, stupid question. The answer is right in front of me.


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      Re: Gaijin Break up

      Far from there being "1 American to every other nationality", Americans are a relative rarity in Japan, (this relative to the size of the U.S. population and the population sizes of other English speaking countries).

      A variety of factors (these including exchange rates, the relative prosperity of economies, and the fact that Americans can't get working holiday visas) make Americans thin on the ground, if far from thin in any other sense.

      Broadly speaking, my feeling is that if you meet ten (Western) foreigners in a bar, they will include:
      3 Canadians
      2 Australians
      2 Britons
      A New Zealander
      An American
      1 other (South African/Irish citizen)


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        Re: Gaijin Break up

        For McSporran's (apparent) purposes, a more important feature of the "gaijin break up" (break down?) is that foreign men outnumber foreign women by a ration that I would guess at as 3:1.

        If women with a South of England accent float your boat, I suggest you buy the entire back-catalogues of any and all 1970s BBC comedies starring the estimable Penelope Keith. Available, I imagine, from and sure to provide hours of happy wanking.



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          Re: Gaijin Break up

          No way, You will meet way more Australians and Britons than anything.


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            Re: COC-up

            COC wrote>>>>foreign men outnumber foreign women by a ration that I would guess at as 3:1.

            I meant 'ratio', not "ration" (but am amused to notice that 'ration' here works quite as well).



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              Re: Gaijin Break up

              hahahaha. From this discussion and other discussions I have noticed that foreign women definitely do not get much attention from foreign men. Is this the case? Are all foreign women looked upon as ...... mammoth creatures that are _____es? I mean, if I'm automatically written off as a bitter b*tch, then who I am going to hang out with? What's the deal guys?


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                Re: Gaijin Break up

                I believe that more accurately, being unable to deal with foreign women (well, women from their own country) is the no. 1 reason that those "sex-crazed" english teachers are here in Japan. And then the Japanese guys that are interested in foreign women are, well, Japanese, which means that they are shy about approaching them. From what I hear, all that makes it a bit hard to meet members of the opposite sex for foreign women in Japan.

                It's not impossible, though. And despite all the tales, people that were unable to approach women in their home country can have exactly the same problems here - I had a friend that had been dateless for 3 years since arriving, and he's not that homely.

                I'd say that the main thing is to take a proactive approach to life here - if you want something, you can't wait for it.

                And, btw, just a minor aside, but I don't really think of it as the English teachers are here taking advantage of the locals. Japanese women are a lot smarter than they think, and a lot more aggressive, just not in the ways that the foreigners may be used to. The Japanese women are the sex-crazed fiends taking advantage of the relatively naive English teachers - they paid their money to get their pick of the young bloods, of which there is a rapid turn-over here, it seems.