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International/friendship parties in tokyo

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  • International/friendship parties in tokyo


    just wondering if anyone has been to these parties and what their experiences are.

    Are they just a meat market or do people actually go there with good intentions?


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    Re: International/friendship parties in tokyo

    I attended various "parties."

    They are all really like bars, since no one has an invitation, just cash.

    ...It was fun for a while.

    A lot of the girls, though, lack social skills or cannot meet men through normal means, so they turn to these parties.

    There are also vampire types who extract your sincerity and excitement, then leave you to "die."

    The worst part is that if you attend too many, too often, you see the same sad faces, and you realize that, if you recognize THEM, they recognize YOU, and you are one of them.

    That's when I quit.

    Good luck.


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      Re: International/friendship parties in tokyo

      I've been to 2 such parties in Osaka, and that's probably about enough for me. A couple of the people at the first one were nice enough, etc., although I think there were more of the 'lack social skills' type. It wasn't a meat market per se, a bunch of the people were there with good intentions, at least those that I spoke to. The second party which someone else essentially brought me to was a a complete waste. I think I'm for the most part done with such things. Maybe go to one or 2 during the year that I'll be here in Japan, but I think I have a good number of friends now, and my advice would be maybe go to one or two if you have nothing better to do, because there is a chance you'll make some friends, etc., but don't forget about all the other things Tokyo has to offer.


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        Re: International/friendship parties in tokyo

        I just went to the one at Xanadu in Shibuya last night. I had been to the one at the Fiddler in Takadanobaba twice before that.

        The big differences between the two parties seem to be: the age range at the Xanadu party was a (little) bit lower, the atmosphere was more trendy/clubbish, and there were more people. The ratio when I went seemed about even, maybe a few more women.

        Despite comments about "meat-markets" and "vampires", I had a pretty good time. I mean, certainly there were a lot of guys there just looking for pickups, and probably quite a few girls left with them.

        But there were also girls that weren't there to be picked up. I talked to one girl who definitely wasn't. I found myself having a good time just talking and socializing.

        Later on, after she left, at the end of the party, I talked to two other girls originally from Osaka. Again, not there to be picked up.

        I got email addresses from all the girls I talked to. For once, the whole thing about just "being yourself" wasn't a complete load of crap.

        I had to make a decision about whether to head back to Ibaraki or stay in Shibuya all night. I decided to leave... which meant leaving the club at 10, an hour after the party officially ended. It had died down for the most part by then. But I have to wonder what it gets like later at night... say, 12 or 1am...

        In general, though, being fairly isolated where I live, I found it to be quite pleasant.. even if the really really loud music made conversing sometimes... difficult...