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Dating Chinese girls

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  • Dating Chinese girls

    Any of you gaijin have experience dating Chinese girls here in Japan? Was the experience the same as dating the J-girls? Better? Worse?

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    Chinese girls are the same as Japanese girls are the same as South East Asian girls are the same as Himalayan girls are the same as Indian Girls are the same as Mongolian girls are the same as Russian girls are the same as American girls are the same as African girls are the same as European girls.


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      They are hairy and stink.

      Or so I was told


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        Generally speaking, I found them more 'aggessive' on so many levels. Probably the result of the 'one-child' policy, a f*cked up education system , 60 years of communism and a strong desire to 'marry up'. I also met one who stated 'I don't have pierced earrings as I don't want to be re-incarnated as a woman." There are always exceptions.


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          uhm i dated a Chinese girl in Korea.... am i barred from offering my .02?


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            You bumped an old thread.

            I remember reading a thread here ages ago where a guy started dating a Chinese girl in Japan, and she eventually turned out to be a great entrepreneur. They ended up opening their own business in Japan, and subsequently built themselves a comfortable life. Or something like that.

            So much for the aggressiveness (to succeed?). I guess it could end up being difficult to keep up. Wouldn't mind the experience though.