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Washing your car

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  • Washing your car

    I'm not entirely sure if this is the right section for this topic, but "transportation" was the closest match I can find to this topic.

    I'm looking to buy products to wash my car here, but I don't know anything about the brands here. In the U.S., Meguiars and Mothers are very good and reputable brands, I don't think Meguiars does business in Japan, but I looked online and Mothers does. Although I'm not sure if it's sold in any car shops around here.

    Does anyone have experience with the car wash products here? Can you make recommendations on which brands to pick up? I noticed they have ArmorAll here, which is a terrible brand.

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    I wait for a heavy rain and then use a long handled brush. No chemicals or money needed.


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      This Stuff:

      Pro Staff

      After I wash my car with it women swoon in the street as I drive past, children shield their eyes and I have to fight off attacks from envious salarymen at traffic lights.


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        If you never wash it - after a while a patina developes which protects it from dirt and thieves....


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          I just bought a 2 litre container of car shampoo, a giant sponge for the car body, and smaller sponges for the wheels and tires, and two buckets (one with shampoo in it and other for rinsing the sponges) from the 100 yen shop.


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            Edit function not working for me; I meant to say I bought the car shampoo from Yellow Hat.

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          The rainy season.

          That's why Japan has it. Wash your car outside of this time slot and Japanese people will think you're eccentric...


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            lol, my car is in mint condition and I'd like to keep it that way. Although good points from everyone.

            @Brown Cow: Thanks for the recommendation. Do you use any wax or polymer after? I'm surrounded by drunk farmers here, so maybe the reflection will blind them off the road and save my car.


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              Actually Classicus you shouldn't listen to me. I certainly wouldn't. My car is, ahem, different to yours and as long as it looks vaguely respectable I couldn't care less what soap I use on it. Therefore it tends to be anything cheapish and it gets done perhaps 4 times a year. I do sometimes add some polish in an effort to keep it looking decent. I probably do that about twice a year and again I'll use any old generic stuff. I suspect that a polishing machine rather than my half hearted attempts at polishing would matter far more than the brand of polish used.

              If I had a brand new car with a perfect finish (fat chance!) I think my instinct would be to use something gentle rather than anything aggressive


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                I used to wash my car by hand - until I found a 300 yen automatic car wash at a Shell garage nearby. I do this about 4 times a year. Then Dr Drive gives it a free wax when it gets its yearly service. Easy.