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  • NorthWest Airlines

    Looking around they seem to be a pretty good deal, but i've seen some bad things about them on here and other places. Is it worth it to fly with them or should I look elsewhere? Thanks...

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    They're average. Not great, not bad. A bit expensive usually.

    (Grew up on the NWA Hub)


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      look elsewhere. northwest blows.


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          One of the safest and most convenient airlines in the world.


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            Gone with them from jp to Honkers about 5-6 times.
            They've "randomly" singled me out for through-out searches (well, I were allowed to keep my pants on) - every - single - time I went.

            I don't dress like a hippy. Been in suit most of the times. My bags were proper. I don't have a record, and ____ it, I'm not violent.

            Aside from that, people been pissing in the freaking bathroomsink on 2 flights I been on, but that's not Northwests fault. Still, to HK it's one of the most economical airlines which is probably why it always seems to attract such a...crowd.

            I don't fly with them anymore unless every other airline is booked.


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              I actually fly northwest, they aren't the best, but not the worse. I usually fly them because they do have the cheapest fares, and Japanese airline consolidators use them alot.

              I never cared about service, I just sleep, they get me there on time (6 flights with them).


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                Well go ahead and fly NWA them if you support these kinds of things:

                Link to booklet distributed by Northwest Airlines to its employees:

                Northwest advised workers to see treasure in trash
                NEW YORK, Aug 15 (Reuters) - Bankrupt Northwest Airlines Corp. (NWACQ.PK: Quote, Profile, Research) advised workers to fish in the trash for things they like or take their dates for a walk in the woods in a move to help workers facing the ax to save money.
                The No. 5 U.S. carrier, which has slashed most employees' pay and is looking to cut jobs as it prepares to exit bankruptcy, put the tips in a booklet handed out to about 50 workers and posted for a time on its employee Web site.
                The section, entitled "101 ways to save money", does not feature in new versions of the booklet or the Web site.
                Northwest spokesman Roman Blahoski said some employees who received the handbook had taken issue with a couple of the items. "We agree that some of these suggestions and tips ... were a bit insensitive," Blahoski told Reuters.

                Northwest flight attendants fight for right to strike


                Oct 1, 2006 01:59 AM
                Northwest flight attendants fight for right to strike

                The contract battle between Northwest Airlines and its flight attendants continues and some say there will be a strike before the end of the year. The flight attendants say they're working more hours on a 40 percent pay cut. But the airline argues that in this competitive market what they're offering is fair.

                A judge ruled in favor of the airline and said the flight attendants could not strike. Now the flight attendants are trying to get around that and tell Lisa Hidalgo if they don't meet some middle ground then it's not a matter of if they strike, but when.

                People checking in at the Northwest counter had a hard time ignoring the loud chants and the bright green t-shirts they were wearing. As of now, travelers have nothing to worry about. The Northwest Airline flight attendants aren't on strike but fighting for their right to strike. There have been pickets all over the country.

                They're waiting for an appeal or for a mediation board to grant them a 30-day cooling off period. If they get either of those they could strike. The flight attendants say the strikes would be intermittent. Northwest Airlines says because this is a competitive market it has to stay competitive even if that means reducing labor costs.

                An airline spokesperson says the wages it's proposing are competitive and higher than United and US Airways, but the flight attendants obviously don't agree. They say they want the company to succeed but if they are taking a pay cut they do not want an increase in their work loads.

                If a mediator grants the flight attendants a 30 day cooling off period then they would have to wait until the end of that 30 days to strike. The flight attendants Lisa spoke with say they're just asking for a livable wage and best case scenario is that they don't have to strike but rather come to some sort of agreement.

                Northwest Airlines is the worlds fifth largest airline with around 1,200 departures everyday. The airline says if the flight attendants do strike there is a contingency plan in place that would allow it to operate.

                NWA fliers face 10-hour onboard delayed flight

                In case you missed this story from the Labor Day weekend, Northwest Airlines is back in the news for allegedly keeping passengers and crew stuck onboard one of its airplanes for nearly 10 hours. The incident involved Northwest Flight 44, which left Minneapolis on Saturday for London with 255 passengers and 10 crew. But the DC-10 operating the flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Duluth because of an electrical problem. gWith airport fire trucks standing by, the plane landed without incident just before 9:50 p.m. at Duluth International Airport. Passengers remained onboard for almost 10 hours, until about 7:30 a.m. Sunday,h the Duluth News Tribune writes. So, why the long wait? The Star-Tribune (free registration) of Minneapolis writes that passengers gwere sitting on a Duluth runway, prepared to depart,h when it was announced that the plane wasnft leaving because git was too heavy to take off from the shorter Duluth runway.h

                That, the Star-Tribune says, came after fliers had already spent the past five hours gstuck on the tarmach following the emergency landing. The News Tribune notes that the Duluth airport lacked the gthe equipment to unload a DC-10 though a covered jet way, though it says gstairs were brought to the plane and the doors were left open for part of the wait.h At about 2:30 a.m., several passengers who wanted to get off the plane were allowed to leave c meaning their luggage had to be located and removed from the plane. Then, at 5 a.m. the News Tribune says gthe DC-10 taxied into position for takeoff, but Northwest then realized the crew's hours had been maxed out.h At that point, the jet returned to the airport and fliers gwere finally allowed to disembark,h according to the paper. The passengers were returned to Minneapolis on two other aircrafts. Passenger Sean Toohey labeled the incident a ga comedy of errors.h

                gWhen pushed on the issue, Northwest wouldn't comment further,h according to 5 Eyewitness News of Minnesota –- though the airline's representatives did tell other media outlets that Northwest gapologizes for the inconvenience.h As for Northwest, it was at the center of national news in 1999 when hundreds of its customers were stranded for up to 8 ½ hours on an airplane waiting to be cleared for takeoff from Detroit during a snowstorm. (See a report from the DOT.) That highly publicized incident helped spur talk of a "Passengers' Bill of Rights" in Congress, though momentum to pass such legislation ultimately faded.


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                  i was stuck in centrair for 10 hours last march (i think it was around march of this year) waiting for the northwest flight to manila.

                  i had my nintendo DS that time, and two boys ended up playing with it instead of me, they were way better at the games than i was, so it was all good. i made friends with the kids, which was ok. and i had starbucks to run to for comfort, but only until it closed. then it was coffee n tea set up by the northwest people. plus the usual bento they give out. waiting there was like a cross between some garden party gone bad and a wake.


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                    If they are offering the cheapest price go for it.

                    News makes it sound like Northwest is the only airline in the world that has delays or is in bankruptcy.


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                      So I guess if low prices are all that matters, then the English teachers on this forum who use Northwest shouldnft complain about their own poor working conditions, obstruction of labor laws, or less than satisfactory services provided by their employer to their clients?

                      Itfs one in the same. Unless one takes a stand against the corporations which try to pull this type of crap on their employees, then it should come as no surprise when it occurs to onefs self. Sort of, well itfs not my problem. Care to talk China and human rights
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                          Originally posted by steeny
                          That is disgusting. I can't believe Northwest is that terrible.

                          Philippine nationals should be prevented from gainful employment by all means necessary.
                          Unless they are male, young, single, and gay. That is the number one pre-requisite for working at NW, any airline actually but NW in particular.

                          Are you still working for them Bob?


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                            First off I'm not an english teacher. So you can't say I'm a hipocrit when I don't even complain about poor work conditions etc.

                            I'm an average traveler, the average traveler wants to pay the lowest prices to get from Point A to Piont B, thats why LCCs are so popular.

                            If NW is offering me a low price i'm going to fly them. If ANA/JAL/UAL/AA/CO/DL offered a lower price I'll fly them.

                            A second point, the article about NWA dumping its current FA's for Asia based FA's is 2005, between that time and now a judge already ruled and told NWA cannot hire Asian FAs as replacements. Not tomention it was a proposal. So this notion that NW is "ACTIVELY" replaceing its flight crews is false.

                            In NW's current situation it would be illegal for them to start firing FA's and hiring replacement FAs.
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                              the last time i flew NW, the FA were ALL from the Philippines Or maybe just in the economy section. This was last March 2006, but then again it was the flight out of MNL going to NGO...

                              and yeah, after a LOT of comparisons, NW offered the cheapest plane fare, so i use it, even after my previous experience of being delayed for 10hours...( -_- ; )