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    Originally posted by themoonrules
    First off I'm not an english teacher. So you can't say I'm a hipocrit when I don't even complain about poor work conditions etc.

    I'm an average traveler, the average traveler wants to pay the lowest prices to get from Point A to Piont B, thats why LCCs are so popular.

    If NW is offering me a low price i'm going to fly them. If ANA/JAL/UAL/AA/CO/DL offered a lower price I'll fly them.

    A second point, the article about NWA dumping its current FA's for Asia based FA's is 2005, between that time and now a judge already ruled and told NWA cannot hire Asian FAs as replacements. Not tomention it was a proposal. So this notion that NW is "ACTIVELY" replaceing its flight crews is false.

    In NW's current situation it would be illegal for them to start firing FA's and hiring replacement FAs.
    `C@@ ~ didnft mean to ruffle your feathersc.he he hec.
    I was simply phrasing the issues - labor scandals - of Northwestfs outsourcing in terms that would be recognizable and relevant to the theme of this site & its members.

    But since you are still an unbeliever of Northwest vile acts, I suggest you jump onboard one of their planes. Having flown them just 3 weeks ago (not by choice, but as a form of work related torture) I can verify that the previous poster is indeed correct that the VAST majority of NWA Flight Attendants are not from the great plains, but rather from the so-called Pearl of the Orient. Well, again, donft take my word for it, why not get it from the pilots of Northwest:

    Oh, and that judgefs ruling is news to me. Please do state a source for that~
    The only ruling I am aware of is one which benefits THE AIRLINE!
    Judge reaffirms ruling against NWA flight attendants strike
    by Martin Moylan, Minnesota Public Radio
    September 15, 2006
    Listen to feature audio
    A United States District Court judge in New York has extended an order blocking Northwest Airlines flight attendants from striking. The order will be in effect until the judge overseeing Northwest's bankruptcy takes a second crack at whether the flight attendants can strike.
    St. Paul, Minn. \ Last month, the bankruptcy judge decided he didn't have authority to block a strike. But district judge Victor Marrero says the bankruptcy judge was wrong, and sent the case back to bankruptcy judge Allan Gropper. That may not be it's next stop.
    Flight attendant union spokesman Ricky Thornton says the union will appeal Marrero's decision. Thornton said the ruling is not going over well with union members. They had hoped to use the threat of sporadic strikes to soften Northwest's contract demands.
    "There is a lot of anger coming out of the flight attendant group," Thornton said. "There is a lot of anger coming out of all organized labor at this point at this decision. I hope they have 101 million ways to combat what will eventually hit them. It will be stronger than most of the hurricanes that have hit south Florida."

    Northwest plane
    Northwest greeted the decision as a victory and called for contract talks with the flight attendants. But the union indicated it won't go back to the bargaining table unless the union has the right to strike.
    Northwest is already operating under bankruptcy protection and has said a strike could kill the airline.
    In his ruling, Marrero indicated he agrees a strike could be fatal for Northwest. Eagan-based Northwest has about 9,000 active and laid off flight attendants.
    The flight attendants are angry about pay and benefit cuts, which they say have slashed their incomes by up to 40 percent. Northwest argues the cuts are less severe than that. Northwest wants $195 million a year in labor savings from the flight attendants, but the rank and file twice have voted down tentative agreements that would achieve that goal. After the latest vote --in July -- Northwest imposed pay cuts with the permission of the judge overseeing the airline's bankruptcy.
    Union spokesman Ricky Thornton says flight attendants are unhappy with courts getting so involved in their affairs.
    "I know we will be appealing. But I do not know if we appeal to Gropper, the appeals court or where we go from here. It's a fun little game of limbo they keep putting us in," Thornton said.
    Anthony Sabino, a New York attorney who has been involved in several airline bankruptcy cases, says the union is likely to take the case up to the appeals court. He says the strike issue could take months, if not years to resolve.
    "Where does this go? Well, just more litigation. This is about halfway down the pike. Now, obviously, the union will, I'm sure, seek an expedited appeal from the Second Circuit. But that will take some time, even expedited. My rough guess is they can get in front of the Second Circuit in about 30 days," according to Sabino.
    Given the complexity of sorting out conflicts between labor and bankruptcy law, Sabino says the case could go well beyond the Second Circuit Court.
    "This is a very delicate issue. It's a precedent-setting issue. The Second Circuit will take its time with it. The U.S. Supreme Court may take it because it's so ground-breaking issue. Then again they may not. There's a lot more to be done here," he said.
    That is if Northwest and the flight attendants fail to negotiate a contract before the dispute gets that far along in the legal system. Northwest says it remains committed to negotiating an agreement on concessions with flight attendants soon. But Northwest seems to be under little pressure to return to the table. When it imposed pay cuts on the flight attendants, the company achieved its goal of cutting annual labor costs by $1.4 billion.


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      I've flown NW internationally 6 times from the US-Japan, the vast majority of the FA's were US based workers, with the exception of the in-flight FA.

      NW also flights intra asia, some of those FA's are mainly based out of Asia for intra asia flights. You don't see them on the main line US-Japan flights.

      I infact do fly NW a lot domestically, i've flown on every aircraft in their fleet from the A319 to the 744 and I can tell you the vast majority of ther FA's are Americans.

      If you're flying intra asia then yes their FA's will be more Asian, however considering only 4% of NW's flight attendants area Asian/speak an Asian language and are mainly based on those asian routes. That leaves 90+ percent of the FA's for NW are American, with a few translators from other non asian countries. Hardly a vast conspiracy to activly replace flight crews with Phillipinos.

      As I mentioned NW isn't the greatest airline, I never did, I said they usually offered the lowest fare and I will fly the lowest fare airline, and so will dozens of other travelers like me out there. Their fleet is old, their DC-9's are some of the oldest aircraft flying out there, do I care, no, cause when the next fare to the same place is 100-150USD higher.

      I dont have time to play politics, labour unions etc.

      All I'm saying is, its not the greatest, nor is it the worse out there. I've flown them 6 times and each time they got me to Japan and back home in one piece, on time and with some decent service.

      If you find a cheaper price on another airline then fly them.
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        Originally posted by themoonrules
        I've flown NW internationally 6 times from the US-Japan, do I care, no, cause when the next fare to the same place is 100-150USD higher.

        I dont have time to play politics, labour unions etc.

        If you find a cheaper price on another airline then fly them.
        Fair enough, I guess the old adage* gIf you pay peanuts, you get monkeysh applies in this case.
        Q: Does Northwest get the job done?
        A: Yesceventually
        Q: Does Northwest provide a quality product?
        A: Yes, if your standard for quality is the likes of Greyhound, Southwest, Ryan Air, McDonalds, or Yoshinoya.
        Q: Are there better options for air travel from Japan?
        A: Of course, but back the theme of this post: you have to pay for it.

        You know Moon, you and I got off on the wrong foot. I see your point in taking the lowest fare. I just want to impress, that sometimes there are reasons for why costs are so low. I would only hope that you and others would consider taking a slightly higher fare, for the sake of supporting an airline which cares about its employees, operates above board, and doesnft look for every way to pinch pennies or yen. Care to talk Northwest maintenance? Seriously, do a google search on the topic.

        Now I agree, other US carriers ( - United especially - ) have been very good at screwing over their lifers for the sake of protecting the salaries of management – this after accepting billions in federal tax bailout money after 9-11. So are there any good airlines to choose from?
        A: Yes, but they are premium carriers and typically charge the most for their tickets.

        Flip side is they treat their passengers better, provide full-services, and one has piece of mind that they are not feeding the machine of corporate greed.


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          Im just back from travelling to Florida with Northwest.
          It wasn`t the best flight but it certainly wasnt the worst either.
          FAs were all really friendly. Food was surprisingly nice.
          The things that i didnt like were that the seats didnt have individual tvs so I was stuck straining my neck to see the tv at the front.
          Also you have to pay 5dollars for an alcoholic drink. Alcohol was free on every long haul flight ive been on before so this came as a nasty wee shock to me!!

          Other than that they were fine, Id travel with the again if i got a good deal or it was a short flight.


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            North west is Ok for the domestic portion of the flight if there cheap but for the long haul LAX or SEA connection to Narrita go with an asian carriar. You will enjoy the flight much more. Singapore always gets rave reviews.



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              Anybody know the flight time nagoya shanghai


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                Northwest Airlines 78
                12:15pm Depart Nagoya (NGO)
                1:35pm Arrive Tokyo (NRT)

                Northwest Airlines 25
                5:50pm Depart Tokyo (NRT)
                8:15pm Arrive Shanghai (PVG)


                Northwest Airlines 26
                9:25am Depart Shanghai (PVG)
                1:10pm Arrive Tokyo (NRT)

                Northwest Airlines 77
                6:05pm Depart Tokyo (NRT)
                7:35pm Arrive Nagoya (NGO)


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                  Just in time for Christmas rush.

                  Courtesy: Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal

                  NWA Flight Attendants Ask Court To Allow Strike


                  Courtesy: CNN

                  Northwest Fights Right To Strike


                  Courtesy: WCCO-TV

                  NWA: 'Good Business' Means Peace With Attendants



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                    Originally posted by sandra
                    They're average. Not great, not bad. A bit expensive usually.

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                    youre trying to set the record for the most quickly banned person on this site....... ooooooooooooh goodie for you


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                      I took Northwest once to Narita. Can't really say the seats are the widest for economy but it was ok, bearable for a 7hour flight. Food was not too bad too.

                      I suppose they have one of the cheapest round trip fares to Narita from my country, even for lone passenger as some airlines have the rule that "2 must travel together" etc etc.

                      i only wish the timing could be better though. Really early in the morning for departure to narita.


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                        Originally posted by slasher1979
                        I took Northwest once to Narita.

                        i only wish the timing could be better though. Really early in the morning for departure to narita.
                        That's because those "half price" Philippino flight attendants out of Manila need to be at Narita early enough to make connections for the mid afternoon flights to the mainland USA.