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Tokyo-New Zealand

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  • Tokyo-New Zealand

    I pride myself on being able to use google but sometimes the good old 'word-of-mouth' is better.

    So, any advice on the best flight to New Zealand from Japan? Cost, service, times etc etc.

    I've tried looking on the interweb but just get swamped with prices and websites and stuff.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Air Sheep Shagger has direct flights, and I'm not sure which one of the Japanese airlines do.

    Myriad of options no doubt for indirect flights.


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      Direct is expensive but Singapore, Malaysian and Cathy Pacific all do flights via Southeast Asia which I usually find is the best option.

      But as JT said Air Sheep Shagger, while expensive, is very good. Their in-flight entertainment is really something else..

      Air New Zealand and JAL do direct flights to Auckland and Christchurch, often code sharing planes.


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        Direct Tokyo to Auckland is about 11 hours and the cost changes per time of year.

        Via SE Asia it's usually about 16 hours excluding downtime at airports.

        Buying from the airlines directly is expensive, it's better to hunt around travel agents with someone who is Japanese (not just fluent in Japanese if you heard about H.I.S.).

        Also from Auckland a further flight to Wellington is 45 minutes and Christchurch is about an hour and a half.

        My best value for money experiance going back to NZ was with Malaysian airlines.


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          Used Air NZ when I visited Rarotonga, and you know what to expect without being overly impressed.

          Going back to Australia, there were a heap of transit options, and I always took them, as it meant a stopover somewhere.


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            Air NZ

            I've tried most carriers over the last 10 years that offer services to NZ.
            Thai, Korean air, Singapore Airlines, and Qantas all offer good price and adequate service but all require stop overs in their respective countries.
            Most stopovers are only for 2- 3 hours so it's hardly worth venturing out of the airport. Also the flight time soars from a comfortable 11 hours to 14/16 hours plus stopover.

            Air NZ offers competitive fares, good service and a direct flight. ( code shared at times with JAL). It's sometimes a punt as I like to leave Japan behind the moment I enter a plane. Having a JAL flight keeps me in Japan untill I reach NZ.
            Frustratingly, Air NZ does tend to have a bad parking spot at Narita with a very long taxi on landing and take off.
            But all told, Air NZ is your best pick.

            Good luck

            I think I have just mirrored JayJay's comments, Sorry mate
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              hmmmm...think I'll go with Air NZ then.

              Thanks everybody!