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motorcycle license

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    No, not that old.


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      - do not ressurect 4 year old threads
      - do not post after midnight
      - do not post after a night at the bar
      - do not post while taking certain prescription medicines. do not operate heavy machinery either.
      - do not fold, spindle or mutilate
      - do not wear kilts on windy days
      - do not pass Go
      - do not collect $200


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        Can someone post a link to, or list, the places in Kanto where I can take the test for under 125cc? Thanks. I can't find one.

        I have a 50cc scooter, and a Japanese car licence. I am planning to do the test directly because 80000 yen for 4 days of scooter lessons is BS. I am equally against paying 800000 yen and spending 4 days learning to do stuff that I can already do.

        Is there a book or something that tells you what things the Japanese testers are looking for? It would be much easier to pass if I new what those ret_ _ds were marking me on. Of course I know not to hit anything, but maybe I have to adjust the mirrors or something ( even if they are in the right position ).

        Do they lend bikes for the test? Is it included in the cost? What do you ride?