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  • Sunrise seto

    I need to get 2 people from Tokyo to Izumo, and am having some trouble finding the best way to do it.

    Flights are a little expensive, (30,000 yen.)
    Buses are cheaper, but it's 12 hours, so I thougth I'd try the Sunrise seto and just sleep through the whole thing.

    I got a flyer at the station but I can't figure it out, and it seems like it's over 40,000/person. That seems crazy that a ten hour train ride would cost more than flying, so I'm hoping it's the total price for the 2 bed room.

    Has anyone taken this before? Am I reading the flyer wrong or is it really that expensive?

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    It's probably that expensive. I've never figured it out either, but the overnight trains are really expensive.


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      Originally posted by Jkeno322 View Post
      1)Has anyone taken this before?

      2) Am I reading the flyer wrong or is it really that expensive?
      1) Yes. Well, sort of. It was 22 years ago, and it had a different name, and possibly route.

      2) Yes, I think so, and no.

      I just looked on and it seems to be 20,00-ish per head, sleeping berth included.

      At any rate, it's not just the flyer you're having trouble with. You're thinking of a direct route, and that don't fly off the Tokyo - Hiroshima corridor.

      The Sunrise Seto takes 15-17 hours in total, but if you take the Bullet Train (Bullet Train!!!!!!! Bullet Train!!!!!!) to Okayama and transker to the Ogumo or WTF they call it, it takes 7 hours or less.

      The Sanyo line is the only trunk line left. The San'in route is old, curvy, and so underpopulated there is simply no market for anybody but the nostalgic wrinklies that take night trains like the Sunrise Seto, which is a horrible name at any rate.

      So, unless this is some funky arsed James Bond Night Train Cosplay thingy (and hats off to you if it is), I would suggest you take the Bullet Train (Bullet Train!!!!!!! Bullet Train!!!!!!).

      The long bus will still be cheaper, but unless you are Japanese sized, it will be leg cramp hell by the time you pass through Nagoya. I did that once, too. It was hellish.

      BTW, I don't know why you are going there, but if you are Touristifying, here's a few tips:

      Izumo Taisha.........the birthplace of Japan, home of the Gods. Cool shrine, great location.

      Omori Ginzan (aka Iwami Ginzan): a feudal era silver mine just inland from Ota shi that was once the world's 2nd largest silver mine, or some such. It is a funky little well preserved tourist town that was recently registered as a UN World Heritage Site. Nice little town to spend an afternoon in. As it is getting to Leaf Season, try desperately to avoid weekends, when that place can make Shibuya look deserted.

      If you want to go up the hill and check out the silver mine and archaeological dig, rent powered bicycles (there's places in town); they make it all much cooler.

      And only in Japan can you ride a moped and not feel like a goof.

      And if you're not going as a tourist, well, at least I tried

      Hope that helps.

      Anyways, the San'in area is a lovely place, a sort of Another Japan, if you will.

      EDIT: The transfer from Okayama to Izumo-shi is called the Yakumo. It's a Special Express thingy.

      And the reason long distance non-Bullet trains are so friggin' expensive is that there is a distance surcharge, instead of a discount. It's a bit like that antedeluvian phone rights system NTT uses when you want a land line.

      Yokoso Japan...............

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