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Updated car buying advice...

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  • Updated car buying advice...

    I was looking around on the forums just now and wanted to see if I could start up a more up to date car buying thread.

    I have been in the country now for the better part of 4 months. I know from speaking to my bank that I will not be able to be issued a credit car or apply for a loan until my first six months within the country, but I wanted to get some research done before then so when the time finally does come I dont waste any time in getting the car I really want.

    I know already to search for cars online by using sites like goo-net and yahoo, but I was really interested to know if there are any websites that would direct me to individuals doing private sales like a counterpart to Autotrader in the United States.

    Any one with experience going through the car buying process would be much appreciated if they chimed in.

    Also, I would really like to know since its been my only outlets thus far, just how haggling and negotiations are usually handled at car dealerships here, if I am not able to locate a car from a private seller.

    Is there a website or resource like Kelly Blue Book that could possibly help in said negotiations?

    And I guess the last question I can think of right now is what are the best types of loans or financing to do here in Japan? Are the dealers better at financing or do the banks provide better rates???

    For reference in case it makes any of my questions easier to answer the cars I am interested in purchasing are a Mazda RX-7 Type RS 1999 and up or a Toyota Sprinter Trueno 1983 model year.

    All input is greatly appreciated!