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Japan DL Clarification

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  • Japan DL Clarification

    American with a current, valid NJDL. Trying to gain some clarification in regard to driving schools.

    I know that with my valid NJDL, I can go the simplified route and just head over to JAF for a DL translation
    and then my ward's testing center for an eye test, 10 question written exam and a road test (at a later date).

    However, if one choices to go the driving school route, this seems to be where the contradictory info keeps popping
    up. At the end of the driving school program, are you taking the official road test (behind the wheel) at the school and
    upon passing, that's what they are giving you the certificate/diploma for (sort of like a waiver to bring to ward testing
    center to exempt you from taking it). Or after all the time and money, will you still end up having to take the road course
    test at the local ward center?

    Money issues aside, as I know one could reason just taking the written/driving test until passed and it would theoretically
    be cheaper than driving school. Just simply...if you go to driving school, and you taking the behind the wheel road test at the
    driving school or ward testing center?

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    As you already have an exchangeable DL, the only reason to go to a school would be if you have $3,000 in your wallet that you really can't find any other uses for. (if this is true, just PM your address and I will pick it up within the hour.)