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Compulsory gentsuki equipment

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  • Compulsory gentsuki equipment

    Does anyone have a comprehensive list of required equipment. I'm headed down to the JAF office later on, but I want to hear it from y'all if I can. Seats, lights front side rear, brakes on both tires, brake lights, speedo, turn signal, etc etc.

    Gotta know it all. Ideally id like to see it from the govt in their own words; just havent found it yet. I want to register a motorized kickboard like a goped esr, gsr, trail ripper, or a clown bike like a goped riot. I won't settle for anything else. It must be. I know gentsuki don't require a shaken, but I don't want the popo taking me down to the Koban and slapping me with a 300000 yen fine and no license months later.

    I know the risks; I believe I do. But if it were completely legal most people wouldnt Ped anyway. I just want it to conform to the law, so popo gets confused
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