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'cancel for any reason' travel insurance

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  • 'cancel for any reason' travel insurance

    Hi people!

    I'm currently searching for travel insurance for my fiancée (he's Japanese) for when we travel to Australia next April.
    He has a Pre-existing medical condition. I'm trying to find an insurer (international or Japan based) that WILL insure a Japanese citizen for cancellation costs for whatever reason (in the case that he has to cancel his flight ticket if he suddenly gets ill)
    I've seen so many companies that do this advertised for US or UK citizens but nothing for Japanese and other foreigners.
    World nomads does not insure cancelation costs if the traveler has a Pre-existing condition.
    We haven't had time yet to go into a travel agent and actually ask, so I just thought to try here to see if any of you guys knew of anything online or have brought this type of insurance from within Japan.

    Any feedback would be welcome

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    I've worked in insurance before and I doubt that any company will give you coverage to cancel for 'any' reason. For that you should get refundable/changable plain tickets, hotel reservations, etc. For the insurance payment, there must be a certain 'documented' event, such as illness, death of a relative, etc.

    On your specific case, it will boil down to what the doctor certificate will say if you submit it to the insurance. So if your fiancee has a good relation with the doctor, he might keep quiet about the pre-condition on the insurance claim.