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Car history Does a service like Carfax exist in Japan?

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  • Car history Does a service like Carfax exist in Japan?

    I am planning to buy a used car in Japan from a dealer.

    I would like to know if there is a similar service to CARFAX (United States) in Japan.

    I want to know how many previous owners the car had had, and if the car has been into an accident.

    I asked the dealer and first he told me 1 owner, after I asked him for any proof, he asked his boss and his boss told him that he doesnft know and that the last owner kept the car for 1 year and then sold it to them.

    The car comes with the gshakenh and 3 months warranty, for an additional 25000 ‰~ I will have a 1 year warranty.

    Do you guys or girls think I am worrying too much ?

    The cars is 9 years old. 67000 km

    Also the dealer doesnft allow us to register the car, proof of parking and so on; he said that his company doesnft allow the customer to do that paperwork (Just a way to make money)

    Thanks for the info