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Painting the house....

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    Originally posted by kurogane View Post
    Did somebody say Roaaar???????????????

    That's easy for you to say.


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      Originally posted by Tatsuo View Post
      Sorry about my last post.
      As long it's your last post, there's no need to be sorry!


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        Originally posted by Tatsuo View Post
        lol. The arrogance of most foreigners seems without boarders. Embarrasing to read and so wrong that it hurts.

        Tomorrow morning I'll fly to Mexico. It seems as everybody is living his/her dream.
        Tats - from this statement - I must simply presume that you consider yourself to be a foreigner. But just in case my presumption is wrong - perhaps you could expand upon exactly what you found to be wrong in my post? It was after all - about my own experience, which you are ill-placed to know very much about.

        BTW - do you have any DIY skills? Have you ever painted a structure?


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          My most recent example of a professional painter – versus my own DIY job is this:

          The professional estimate was for yen 250,000, inclusive of the cost of the paint.

          Based upon my experience yesterday – preparing the surface of just 1/8th of the structure, and then painting the base coat, all within 8 yours, it will take about 13 days to complete, including cleanup.

          The “professionals” were to complete in 3 days, using two workers. This is just about half of my time. Labor time differences were that they were to build a pipe scaffold structure, hang windbreak sheets, and spray-paint one coat. I will use ladders, ladder jacks and scaffolding planks, use brushes, and will apply two coats. I will also meticulously scrape to remove the chipped and broken existing paint, permitting the new paint to better adhere to the wood. They were to spend two days in scaffolding installation and removal, and just one day in surface preparation and painting. At least four of my days will be in surface preparation, and as any painter knows – it is the surface preparation that most determines the quality of the job.

          I will also have spent a lot more time on the painting itself, and being up close and personal with a brush – twice, means that I will be able to ensure that the new paint does not miss even one little crack, and is applied quite a bit thicker.

          They would have used a water based paint while I selected a urethane base product. Since the cost of their paint was buried in their estimate, I can not compare the costs – but my urethane will last longer and better protect the structure – which is the whole point of doing the job.

          Their completed job would have looked good from a distance and would have lasted a year or so before the remaining loose and chipped original paint started to fall off again. My DIY paint job will last for 7 to 10 years and will better protect the wooden structure for that time.

          My labor costs me nothing, the effort gives me good physical exercise, and while I am at it – I am not here on GPNet, enjoying – but yet wasting my time. And with it now past 6am - it is time to get started on day 2.


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            Originally posted by Tatsuo View Post
            Wow ! How can I beat someone that is using spelling mistakes as an argument against ESL speakers ?
            You are too clever for this world.

            The funny thing is that the chances are high that you could not even imagine the differences between the way and reasons I go over there and your trips with the same destination. But of course I'm not implying that I were better than you or the guy that is painting his barn and talking proudly about it. I'm just saying that I will not paint a barn and I'm saying that I have never met a DIY guy with a decent income (from my perspective) but lots that hire one and earn decent. I have also never seen a bad job done by a professional but lots done by guys like you.

            But you are real men. Tough and strong. Must show woman that can do hard work. Paint house. Be better that other man. And have larger d.ick. Roarrrrr....
            You say that you pay for renovations to your home, and I for 1 believe it. You were raised in that environment and fell for that stupid hogwash, which lead to your inability to do unskilled tasks that require little more than common sense. I would say that you were lying about not seeing shoddy carpentry, but I can't because you have absolutely no idea what good or bad carpentry is, and thus unqualified to have an opinion. You have lived here longer than I have, and I have seen tons of it. You just simply accept that everything the "professional" said and did as being perfect because you have no idea yourself.

            The truth is that you don't have any idea about the OP's or other poster's skill, and you don't have any idea about anyone's income. Trying to imply that you are better than them without knowing that information is pretty stupid. For years DIYers have been laughing their asses off at supposedly rich people prancing about and claiming to be superior while they get reamed on just about everything they buy, and then crash their new Ferrari on the first day of ownership because they think their money bought driving skills and common sense.

            You want to bring women into this? Well, if you married a dingbat who also believes that only skilled people can do certain things then it is a good match for you. When something goes wrong you can easily claim "I am not a carpenter, it's not my fault" to your dingbat wife, and she will look up to you gullibly with loving eyes and think you are the best, and certainly better than the "professional" carpenter who makes no mistakes.

            But for those of us who actually know how to do stuff with our hands, don't jump into the thread and try to come off as superior. All of us know that if we handed you an electric drill you'd try to plug the cord up your ___ and punch your bore with a cement bit while your wife is at home with the plumber.

            Tats, ut is apparent that you can't see how much is wrong with you coming into this thread trying to put down those who know how to use their hands, while your expertise of tools is a "plus and minus" screwdriver and a hammer.

            IOW, leave the construction talk to the real men. Head on back to the finance section and boast to those guys about your "superiority."


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              Originally posted by Tatsuo View Post
              Why do you want to paint your house ? Are you unemployed ? Just call a painting company, tell them the grade and they'll do it nicer and cheaper than you could ever do it.
              Actually, painting is one of the easiest reno-DIY jobs a person can do and doesn't require expert knowledge. Home reno experts often recommend that you do your own painting if you're working within a budget.


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                Originally posted by Koenji View Post
                Actually, painting is one of the easiest reno-DIY jobs a person can do and doesn't require expert knowledge. Home reno experts often recommend that you do your own painting if you're working within a budget.
                I am not doing it for the money.... I am doing it because it is new skill and a new experience. I enjoy doing new things (and that stupid, unbelieving look of the native neighbors)


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                  Originally posted by John Grey View Post
                  I am doing it (for) that stupid, unbelieving look of the native neighbors
                  Is there a better reason?