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Giving up your seat on public transport to the old/blind/pregnant.... do you do it?

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    Originally posted by Adol007fm View Post

    So you just got up for a complete stranger who didnft have a reason for sitting down?

    Unless she was visibly pregnant, sick, old or disabled, I would have kindly told him to stop talking to me.

    Yeah, I would have asked what's wrong?

    I've got a 50 min. commute on Wed and make it a point to get to the station early so I can have a seat.


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      Never sit in the Silver Seats, feels like parking in the handicapped spaces. Will only give up my seat if the person really looks like he/she needs it, or, won't give it in turn to some little kid. Way back in the mists of time I would offer my seat to some tired tooking grandparent, only to have her give the seat to some hyperactive little snot nosed grandkid that had no need to rest. Hate the young cretins that will sit in the Silver Seats and pointedly ignore the people standing in front of them that really need that seat. If they are lucky, they may ride the train with a cranky old foreigner who will those from the shallow end of the genetic pool, "Get out of that seat or you'll have to pull this umbrella out of your bottom."


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        Originally posted by Old Style View Post
        Ha! No, I did not know THAT, but I knew you'd have a badge!
        You're one scary dude.
        Cue Vincent price laugh........
        Vincent was kinda cool. I met him once back when I was a kid. We were taking the MGM studio tour, got see the studio filming a scene from Combat and the Man From U.N.C.L.E and he was in the studio cafeteria–that was back in the early 60's.


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          I will always try to make eye contact with the person I'm giving my seat to and give a gentle head bow and a little smile. OK lady, I'm not big and scary. Then I enjoy the daggers-in-the-eyes look the old lady gives every other able bodied Japanese person within close proximity after she sits down!!
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