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Excuse Notes and Commuter Tickets

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  • Excuse Notes and Commuter Tickets

    Hello Internet.

    I wanted to go to work this morning only to find out the trains were delayed. The hieroglyph scroller dutifully scrolled 人身事故 every other minute, but it later changed to a more harmless euphemism; 信号確認. I asked for some sort of confirmation that the trains broke down in order to show it to my employer, but the station staff said that my employer would most definitely have to call JR and that there is no such thing in Japan.

    I assume the reason for this was that I said something along the lines of 「会社にあげれる確認書はいただけませんか。なんか、 電車が本当に中止したかどうか確認したいんですから。 」 which didn't make the right parts of the aged station employer's brain click.

    Please teach me the correct way to ask.

    And one more request:

    When I did finally arrive, I decided to extend my 定期券, since I was going to be late anyway. I don't need to go to work this weekend, so I wanted it to start from June 3, but also work today (last day). Aparently this is too much for a Suica IC card to handle, so they insisted on handing me a 磁気定期券.

    I once heard that you can just go to a multifunction ticket machine and load a magnetic ticket onto your existing Suica card. So when my Suica 定期券 expires tomorrow, I can just do something like this, right?

    Thank you.

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    遅延証明書 (chienshoumeisho) and you get it at your destination station, or at least you do with Tokyo Metro (and you can download it from their website, which is what most people do apparently)


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      Not quite sure i get what you mean about extending your teiki, but I assume you mean it runs out today, but you want to renew it starting Monday? That is not possible AFAIK. Just do the 6 month teiki, it makes you worry less about the start/end dates or whether you are better off saving a few yen by not renewing before the weekend - and its cheaper


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        Thanks for teaching me the correct word to use.

        And regarding the teki, yes, that's what I wanted to do. I could do the six month teiki, I guess. Maybe next time. Company pays it all anyway, so it doesn't matter to me. I could buy one-way tickets all the time and they'd refund those too, it seems. I just need to show the receipt to the nice lady in the back office.


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          If you want to be sneaky (if they allow it), show them the receipt for the first month's 1-month Teiki, and after that runs out, get a 6 month teiki. They should keep paying you for the monthly rate, but you get the savings of the 6-monther