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Transferring money out of Japan with GoRemit (GoLloyds) and JP Bank

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  • Mr. Ludd
    The company should have a service number you can call. Used GoLloyds in the past, worked well. Everything done by ATM, nothing special had to be done.
    Call you must. Information they will give you.

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  • Transferring money out of Japan with GoRemit (GoLloyds) and JP Bank

    I'm just looking into transferring money to my home country bank account. Last year I was told about GoLloyds for doing this, but have found that the ownership of this service has recently changed and it is now called GoRemit, otherwise I'm assuming that it works the same as before. I have a JP Bank account, which I've only ever used via ATMs. Does anybody know whether or not something needs to be done to enable JP Bank accounts to be used online, such that I can do the online transfer with GoRemit? Or does this service only need my basic account details as stated in my account book? I just had a look at the JP website but it didn't seem to be very detailed. Any other information from experiences using this transfer service also appreciated. Many thanks.