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Monthly Budget Workup

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  • Monthly Budget Workup

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I'll be coming to the Osaka area at the end of September, and I'm trying to make a rough budget ahead of time. I'm having a hard time getting straight budget questions answered, since people get weird about money for some reason. Here's the situation: I'll be making 4,200,000 yen gross per year. Using I came up with a working net salary of ~3,400,000 yen. Divided by 12, the monthly take home comes to 283,300-ish yen. My projected expenses are:

    -100,000 for rent (I'm looking for a larger place since I'm married, plus I have a small dog so the rent will be higher; I used to come up with that number)
    -4,000 Water + Sewer
    -7,500 gas + electric
    -10,000 cell (two phones)
    -4,000 internet
    -20,000 food (as in food in the house, not eating out)

    This all totals to 145,500 yen; subtracting from my salary, that leaves 137,800 yen per month as extra. That feels like a lot of money left over at the end of the month. Yes, I realize that I will be eating out and shopping; this budget is meant to give me an idea of what my bare living expenses will be. And yes, I know that electricity and gas will vary from season to season. Even adding eating out and shopping, I can't see that being any higher than 40,000 yen a month. Am I missing something? Are my projected expenses too low?

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    you need to add in residence taxes, health insurance, cable TV, transportation other than to and from work, and a whole lot of start up/sign up costs, gym membership...

    5000 a week for groceries... yea, maybe....if you are not eating like you do in your home country... and not drinking alcohol nightly...

    and your salary calculation may NOT account for the bonuses which would show up twice yearly... and NOT in the monthly pay packet. your monthly pay may be lower due to that.


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      That tax calculator actually already takes out health insurance and approximates residence taxes, not going to have cable, and transportation is covered by work. The start up/sign up stuff is already accounted for, this is just trying to approximate a monthly budget. I won't know until I'm there of course, but the more I plan now the better. And yeah, I don't really drink much, although I'm told this will change once I arrive.

      Oh, and I don't get bonuses, so my pay is my pay. Thank you for your imput!