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Tax rebate after giving gaijin card back?

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  • Tax rebate after giving gaijin card back?

    I'm wondering if anyone has managed to get their tax rebate after leaving Japan, or if surrendering my gaijin card makes me ineligible for this.

    It looks like I will be leaving Japan when my visa expires in January next year. As I'm on a kind of itaku contract, I claim for my expenses every year and usually get around 150,000 yen back. If I can get that money next year it will come in handy, the problem is, my visa expires before the tax filing time.

    I am planning to travel, then briefly come back to Japan on a tourist visa later in the year to tie up loose ends.

    Every time I go to the tax office to file my return they have asked me for my gaijin card, but having surrendered it at immigration when I leave in January, I won't have it any more, and will be non-resident.

    A long shot probably, but any info would be appreciated.