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Using Paypal in Japan (Tips)

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    Originally posted by barnis
    you can use a Japanese bank account as far as I know. I did set it up with my wife's account and it worked fine but I have yet to use it (in Japan).
    No. That is wrong.
    If you contact paypal, they will send you an email (after several weeks) stating you cannot add funds to your paypal account from any bank account outside of the USA .
    You can withdraw money to your Japanese account, but not the reverse.

    For that reason, Paypal sucks for people who live in Japan and want to send money back home.


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      Little help please

      I've rented some short term accomidation in Melbourne Australia from next week. I could pay the deposit 370 $ Au no problems direct into the owner pay pal account using a Japanese credit card no problem.

      However last night when I went to pay the rest $1420 Au paypal refused to accept the credit card.I got a message saying " You cannot use this card " Please try another one.

      We tried two more Japanese issued credit cards and got the same message

      Anyone know why this would be ?



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        need a little help please

        I have a same problem experienced by dimples. How can I add fund to my paypal account from my local bank (here in japan) if the only option in in the "add fund" menu is
        "Transfer Funds From a Bank Account in the United States"

        I cannot choose my local bank. Thanks in advance.

        Originally posted by barnis
        you can use a Japanese bank account as far as I know. I did set it up with my wife's account and it worked fine but I have yet to use it (in Japan). Someone else may be able to confirm if you do need a credit card to confirm you mailing address but I do not think so


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          Use Google Checkout...


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            unless PayPal has changed significantly since I used it to send GBP <-> USD, they charge a 2-3% commission above the exchange rates. IIRC, the rates were ok, but the actual rate you get is not very good. Can anyone confirm that the rates you are getting in JPY <-> whatever are close to market rates?


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              Do not use Paypal for anything more than a money-making hobby. They make it far too easy to get reverse-ripped (guy buys something, gets it, says he didnt) and shaft you if they accept a fake credit card. They also have some limit on withdrawls per week (about 5 man yen or something) which you can easily hit especially if this is your job. Find a better alternative.

              I confirm, their exchange rates suck balls.


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                just curious if the system changed

                I tried this way, opened a PayPal account with Japan as a location. I could easily hook up my Japanese credit card, but when i am trying and American debit or credit card, i cannot enter only Japanese addresses to the billing address field.

                So they got smart ass, and they closed this way of money transfer?


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                  Yeah the buy rate is Y108 and the sell rate is Y115. Seems like a wide spread to me.


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                    closing account

                    since i cannot add funds from my japan bank account to my japan paypal, how can i close my japan paypal account and just make a new account using my card in my home country? thanks...


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                      Let's do the math...

                      It is possible to send money from a Japanese bank account to a U.S. bank account using Paypal - HOWEVER - it costs money.

                      You will need two paypal accounts: (1) premier account, set for Japan, associated to a unique email address, and linked to a U.S. bank account and (1) personal account, set for Japan, associated with a unique email address, and linked to a Japan debit/credit card. (Yes, you can have two paypal accounts as long as one is a premier or business account and the other is a personal - do a search on paypal's site to verify)

                      Assuming that both accounts are set to Japan, here is what I have discovered:

                      1. You can only add funds to your Paypal account by using a U.S. bank. You cannot add funds to your Paypal account from a Japan bank. I was told this by email from a Paypal representative.

                      2. You can send yen 'for free' but it will cost you a 2.5% currency transaction fee. So, if you want to send $500.00 to your U.S. bank account from your Japan bank account and the yen rate is 110, it will cost you: $500.00 X 110 = 55,000JPY X 0.025 = 1,375JPY. 56,375JPY will be debited from you Japanese bank account.

                      Fee #1 - 1,375JPY on a $500.00 send transaction in Japan.

                      3. When you receive money, you will have to pay a transaction fee of 5.4% if you have a personal account or 3.4% (if you receive $3,000 or less. Also, the rates are different if your account is linked to another country) if you have a premier account. You always have to pay $0.30 for each transaction. ( So, when you receive that $500 transaction listed above AND you have a premier paypal account, it will cost you: $500.00 X 0.034 = $17.00 + $0.30 = $17.30. $482.70 will be credited to your Paypal account.

                      Fee #2 - $17.30 on a $500.00 receive transaction in Japan if you have a premier account.

                      It will cost you almost $30 bucks to send $500.00 to your U.S. bank account from your Japan bank account using Paypal. This does not take into consideration the amount of time that it will take for Paypal to process the transactions from start to end.

                      If you use Lloyds TSB Japan' service, it appears that it will cost you at least 2,000JPY plus $10 for any amount you transfer from a Japan bank account to a U.S. bank account.

                      Obviously, for larger transfers ($500 or more), Lloyds TSB's service is the better deal.

                      I hope that this info helps...


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                        Hi everyone,

                        I just move to Japan and want to start Paypal but due to the high fee from paypal I guess I will stick with a personal ( not upgrade ) account. The question is:

                        What is the receiving /withdraw limit for the basic Paypal personal account in Japan ? I can add my credit card too but does it lift the receiving limit if I do so ?

                        Anybody have experience in this kind of problem please help.

                        Thanks a lot.


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                          Anyone there ?


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                            Can a US paypal account be used to send money requests in Japanese language?


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                              International Banking

                              I use Mitsubishi. Maybe you night find a bank for you.



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                                Since we can add funds from a Japanese credit card to a Japanese Paypal account instantly, can one do just that, and then redeposit the money back into their Japanese bank account, which then goes back to repaying the amount charged to the credit card. Wouldn't this be a mad point-collecting scheme?

                                Just sayin'.