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citi bank money transfer?

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  • citi bank money transfer?

    I know there are citi banks here in the US and Japan, would it be easier to set up a citi bank account here in the US and have my funds transfered over to a citi bank in Japan prior to leaving, or would it just be easier to open up a bank out at a different bank in Japan?

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    Different banks

    I have asked this before and someone else before me so its my turn to answer. They are different banks so it cannot be done. Don't bother to open the account for money transfer. A possibility which may not require an account with them at all is to pay 4000 yen to wire it to a US bank. I am not sure if they could wire it to any US bank or just US Citibanks.


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      I can access my Japanese ____ibank account abroad directly with my cash card (without a charge); doesn`t the same work here for a US based ____i account?


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        There are a million reasons why banks suck, but here's one reason I do not like CITI JAPAN.

        For Americans I would not recommend opening a CITI JAPAN account. When I opened mine they looked at my Alien Registration Card and said, hey we have some extra paperwork for you my American friend that your Uncle Sam has asked us to collect.

        Those holding a US passport have to fill a special form for Uncle Sam in Japan. They ask for your passport no., your Social Security Number and some other non-sense. Basically to report back to the US (IRS and Homeland Security I presume) that you have this account and from what I understand they also report anything suspicious to uncle sam. Even wires as small as $1,000 can be deemed suspicious even if its from your CITI US account to your CITI JAPAN account.

        They actually asked me what the money was for on a small wire transfer. However, that was really rare.

        Anyway, not that I do anything illegal but I don't like the idea of Uncle Sam snooping in my bank account in a foreign country no less.

        So I recommend you go to a Japanese bank such as Shinsei where they don't ask you such questions and thus cannot really help Uncle Sam all that much if he comes knocking. The account app is ridiculously small (actually on computer), but I have to admit the Bank of Fukuoka was the best (confidentiality), they barely know me. Name, Address, ARC Card Number and Issuing Authority NO Passport and I watched them make my account on there computer and they did not type anything other than that into it.



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          Originally posted by Derukugi
          I can access my Japanese ____ibank account abroad directly with my cash card (without a charge); doesn`t the same work here for a US based ____i account?
          no, there is a 1% surcharge on all foreign transactions for US-based accounts, regardless citi- or not.