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Residence tax question... again!

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  • Residence tax question... again!

    Hi everybody,

    I came here in July 2006 with the Working Holiday Visa. As a Canadian, I had to extend it after 6 months, and after 1 year, I got sponsored by my Eikaiwa school for a "real" Working visa.

    The year is almost over now, and I was planning to renew my working visa to stay a few extra months. So I asked my company to prepare all the documents, and that's when I discovered about the infamous "residence tax". In order to have my visa renewed, I must go to the city office and get that citizen tax (and income tax) certificate.

    I have always paid income tax every month (my company takes care of that), but I didn't know about that residence tax until this morning. I'm a little worried, since I never paid a dime for that tax. ...and I have never been asked either. And no, I didn't get any letter from the city office, though I discovered that the person who lived in my apartment before me still receives letters from them.

    Now, I was only planning to stay 1 month or 2 before moving to the USA. My girlfriend is going to study there as from June. My current working visa expires on June 24th.

    My yearly income is about 2,500,000 Yen. What should I do? Should I just quit my job (I ony intended to stay a little while longer anyway) and move on June 24th, or should I risk going to the city office and discover that I owe them... (how much do you think I owe them?)

    Also, when your visa expires, do you get back to a tourist visa automatically, or do you have to get the heck out of here?

    Thank you so much...

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    All you need is your income tax statement, & a statement of earnings (both should be provided by your company), or they can attain the income tax statement from your city.
    Also, your contract, passport, gaijin card.

    You do not need to show that you've paid the 'City Tax'.

    If you've only done 1 year as a 'full-time' worker, you'll probably receive your first 'City tax' invoice soon.

    Your Visa does not need any proof of payment of a 'City tax'.