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kosei/kokumin nenkin, japanese pension

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  • kosei/kokumin nenkin, japanese pension

    Nenkin payslips arrived last week with numbers written over 200k of Yen.

    Ive been in Japan for about 2 years now, and this is the first time I've encountered a 200k bill.

    I'm not really interested in the Japanese pension, I'd rather have my money invested somewhere private.

    So does anybody here know about nenkin? Or if there's a page I could read about all its policies in English?

    I don't want to pay this 200k crap, I don't even think I would reach the age of 65 and not sure if I would be staying in Japan for a long time.

    What would happen if I just ignore the bills?

    I'm Japanese. So that's the catch, I've read a lot, but all of them are for gaijins.

    Here are good links for gaijins wondering how nenkin works for them.
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