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Low Earnings Question!

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  • Low Earnings Question!

    Hi, just got quick question. Apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere, but am panicking timewise. I got new 3 year visa last december, so I still have another two years left from this coming Christmas, and I really wanna renew my visa after that and try to stay here a long time, even get permanent residence, as it has been my lifelong dream to come and live in Japan.

    Problem is that I am really late in sending back a tax form, due two weeks after I moved address last year, which is now around six months late!!! I have been told I will get a penalty (anybody got any ballpark figures how much - just so I know before being officially told the amount whether I gotta start panicking or not!!!!).

    The thing that is worrying me is that my earnings for the six month period in question last year have been very low - only just over 600,000 or so. I have been told that one of the criteria reviewed when new visas are being issued (or at least being considered for renewal) by the Immigration Authorities, is that the foreigner has earned at least 250,000 yen a month (ie from their point of view so that he is then paying the appropriate level on tax which would be due on that level of earnings). Obviously on a pro rate basis for this six month period, my earnings and hence tax liability will be well below this figure. My question is: will this then damage or cause any negative effect to my visa renewal application in 2 years (when this current 3 year visa runs out)?

    If it is really the case that my visa renewal application will be damaged by this low level of earnings (and low tax payment), I can declare imaginary private teaching earnings, to bring my earnings up to a higher level, but they may still be below this 250,000 a month figure given as a benchmark.

    Anybody got any advice, comments, suggestions? I will really appreciate any comments or advice, as I really wanna stay in this wonderful beautiful country, and do not wanna damage any chances of getting a visa in the future just because my earnings for a six month period last year were very low.

    Thank you!!!!

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    Relax and dont panic. As a black man in Japan who`s put up with some lameass bull____ from various individuals and orgs. here I can tell you the tax office aint one of them. Go and see your local tax office with a Japanese friend - if you don`t have one, take a friend who`s reasonably fluent in Japanese.

    Apologise and make some excuse - `Wasn`t sure if I had to come here when my earnings were only this figure`, etc. That kind of excuse. Maybe they`ll give you a free pass, maybe you`ll have to pay something but just go. Sooner the better. As for worries about visa renewal in two years time - now isn`t an issue. The Immigration folks aren`t going to look at this year`s stuff - they will be looking at your income in the year leading up to the December your visa is up for renewal.

    Again, the folks at Immigration haven`t given me the bull____ I`ve encountered from neighbors here or city hall, etc. Immigration want to see the official papers your employer/employers give you to show how much income you earned with them and how much tax you paid. All they want to know is if you can support yourself here - and supporting yourself here can be on as low as 150,000 yen per month. Depends on the way you present yourself.

    Get your ass down to the Tax Office asap and aplogise, preferably with a Jp friend.


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      Hi, sorry for slow response! Just wanted to say a big thank you for the advice!!! Sent in all info to them and waiting to hear what will happen, but you were right to say just get on with it and get it done! Had been worried about it so much had been unable to deal with it. Just hope the penalty not too big!!!

      Thanks again!!!!


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        No problem bro! Good to help other folks as I`ve been helped out here before.

        With the tax office, don`t give too much away and run off at the mouth about why you only earned this, etc, etc. Usually these folks are fine - the more info you give, the more complicated it becomes and you don`t want that.

        Keep to the story that you didn`t know - thought 600,000 yen was below the threshold for declaring income. As for the fact that its low - generally they aren`t going to bother you. Teachers leave full time jobs all the time and their income goes down. Tax office folks know that. The fact your alien card shows that Immigration approved your stay for a good time period will mean something to the tax office.

        Post here again if you need any more input - other folks probably have their stories too. Hang in there.