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Canada - NR73 (Determination of Residency Status)

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  • Canada - NR73 (Determination of Residency Status)


    This is regarding a tax return in Canada.
    This is the first time I use this forum, I would appreciate any information or advice.
    My question is to Canadians who are living in Japan on a long term basis; I am one of them). Do we all need to file NR73 (Determination of Residency Status) form?

    Following a death in the family in Japan 2010, my husband and I have been living in Japan for the most time since then. In 2011, I was only back in Canada for 3 weeks, and we had no work (income) in Canada, Japan or anywhere in 2011.

    According to the CRA site, I seem to be a gdeemed non residenth of Canada for the year 2011, (I have bank accounts and apartment that I rent out in Canada – rent began as of Jan 2012). Some say I donft need to file a 2011 tax return given the above information, some say I better check with International Tax Services in Canada. I intend to do so but I wanted to ask in this forum first in case there are some people in a similar situation. Thank you very much for reading my post.