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total cost of nenkin/shakai hoken (including backpayments)

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  • total cost of nenkin/shakai hoken (including backpayments)

    Hi all,

    I know similar questions have been asked about this many times in the past but I have struggled to find out the exact information I've been looking for. Basically what I would like to know is how much the shakai hoken and nenkin contributions are in total per month? It's quite easy to get information about kokumin kenko hoken but accurate shakai hoken information seems a bit harder to find in English.

    From my understanding someone who makes an average salary of 250,000 would be contributing about 17,500 yen per month if they were enrolled on kokumin kenko hoken. From what I can ascertain for the same salary someone on shakai hoken will be paying around 30,000 yen per month which includes both kenko hoken and kousei nenki payments. Now this is where I am a little uncertain; if someone is employed fulltime then their company must pay half but does this mean in the example above that the company is matching the payment of 30,000 (so that in total 60,000 yen is being contributed) or that the employee will only pay 15,000 in the end?

    I am also a little confused about back payments; I know that people joining kokumin kenko hoken have been required to back pay 2-3 years of missed payments but what about shakai hoken? If someone works for 5 years on private insurance then joins shakai hoken will they be required to back pay only the kousei nenkin or do they also need to pay for kenko hoken as well? Furthermore if someone was changing from kokumin hoken to shakai hoken would they still be required to make nenkin backpayments?

    I'm hoping to hear from people who have experienced these situations as most the stories I have heard have been from people joining kokumin kenko hoken or else only talked about the nenkin without mentioned kenko hoken.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    I only just realised that kosei nenkin and kokumin nenkin are separate payments. Even though the names are a dead-giveaway for some reason I always stupidly thought the two were the same and were only payed by people on shakai hoken.


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      How much you pay depends on where your company is registered, though there is only a slight difference.,0,120,713.html

      In the top list of prefectures, choose the one where your company is registered and up comes the tables.