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A few questions about resident tax

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  • A few questions about resident tax

    Trying to renew my visa so I want to make sure to have all the documents I need - tax stuff included. Would appreciate any help.

    I've been in Japan since September 2011. Some sort of tax is automatically taken out of my paycheck by the employer. I am not sure if it includes the resident tax or not.

    1. But since I was not in Japan on January 1st, 2011 I do not have to pay resident tax for 2011 and would not receive any resident tax bill this time of the year, correct? So when I renew my visa, I can just tell them that if they ask for a tax certificate?
    2. I'm planning on moving from Saitama to Tokyo. Since I was here on January 1st, 2012 (technically I was overseas on vacation but I don't think that gets me off the hook), I would receive the resident tax bill for Saitama and Saitama only for 2012, correct?
    3. From 2013 I would be receive annual resident tax bills for Tokyo and Tokyo only, correct?

    Thanks all.