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Tax situation on working holiday visa while telecommuting for overseas company

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  • Tax situation on working holiday visa while telecommuting for overseas company

    Hey all,

    I'll keep this brief because I apparently timed out after typing up my previous post and lost it all.

    I have a working holiday visa, and plan to be in Japan by the end of the year. My plan is to telecommute with my existing company (IT work, so I can do it anywhere), and continue to be paid in my overseas bank account. I guess I'd be pulling it out of ATMs at this point, unless there's a better alternative.

    I'm from Canada, so I believe we have a tax treaty with Japan, and I'd like to know where I stand on this situation.

    A few questions:

    - Should I expect to pay Japanese tax on my income in this case?
    - Should I keep my mouth shut because many people on working holiday visas don't work in Japan anyways?
    - Would my situation be frowned upon, and potentially get me tossed out of the country?
    - At what point could I realistically be questioned on being in Japan for a while and not having paid taxes? Renewing the visa? Leaving the country? Tax time? Random police raids? (mostly joking)

    I'd like to avoid double-taxation, and thousands of forms due to some obscure rules, but at the same time not jeopardize my chances of staying / coming back in the future.

    I'll probably look for some offline advise as well (as is usually suggested in these threads), but curious where the best place to look would be - in my home country, or in Japan when I'm there?

    Thanks in advance!