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Can I find teaching job if I am not native English speaker

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  • Can I find teaching job if I am not native English speaker

    I will be receiving my BA in Political Science & Economics from a US college next year, and I wanted to find a job in Japan after I graduate. My Japanese is only conversational and it seems that the only jobs I could find would be teaching English (the only other languages I can speak are Russian and Kyrgyz, for which there seems to be no demand in Japan). I was wondering if anybody knew if it is possible to get a job for me in Japan? Any suggestions? thank you!

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    It`s possible but..

    What passport do you have? If your passport is American you can get a job easily.

    Suppose you don`t have an American passport..
    It`s trickier but your American college degree might help. Have you spent more than 12 years studying in an English-speaking country or institution? If so you could probably get a visa.


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      It all depends on the company that hires you.

      Some of them, like the big 3 (or it 4?) usually won't look at you unless you're from an "Officially English" speaking country. It doesn't matter how well you speak, they usually won't consider you.
      I knew a guy that spoke, what I consider to be, almost flawless English with the barest hint of an accent. He was turned down from all 3 because he came from Africa.

      Other schools may have a sort of interview where they judge how well you speak and what kind of accent you have when you do. If your skills are good, or you speak well, there shouldn't be a problem.


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        thank you

        Thank you for all the info., it seems it will be hard to find a job because I don't have american passport


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          I believe it can be done. I've known teachers who spoke English as a second language, but very well. One from China, another from Beljium. Contact the companies and see what they will do- the so-called "Big 3" are by no means the only jobs in Japan! I'd take a look at who is advertizing and at least contact them, because it certainly can't hurt.