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Working and Living in Tokyo

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  • Working and Living in Tokyo

    Konnichiwa! My name is Sally and I am a 25 yr old Spaniard,

    I would love to hear any feedback from people who may have good tips about finding a job and living experiences in Tokyo. I do not speak Japanese but I speak fluent English, French, Italian and of course Spanish. I have over 8 years of office work experience in three different countries and have a Technical Degree in Computer Science. Any help will be welcome. Arigato, Sally.

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    Re: Working and Living in Tokyo

    You'll be teaching your native language, whichever that is. You'll live in a 2 meter by 1 meter shoebox. You'll meet people who like to have fun drinking on the weekends. You'll love everything for 3 months, then hate everything at 6months, then either leave or put up with it for the rest of the year, then decide if you want to really learn Japanese and have a relationship with the country for the rest of your life.


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      Re: Working and Living in Tokyo

      Ren is a wise man (or woman).


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        Re: Working and Living in Tokyo

        100% male


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          Re: Working and Living in Tokyo

          Respected Sir or Madam,
          I will be highly oblidged if you can forward me a suitable path to get a job in Japan, anywhere abouts, in the hotel, resort or restaurant. I have completed my digree in English Literature and have done P G Diploma in Hotel Management from IHTTI School of Hotel Management, Switzerland in Dec 2001. At present I am working as a Banquets and Sales Co-ordinator at Holiday Inn surat, India since January 2002.


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            Re: Working and Living in Tokyo


            There are a few jobs posted occasionally in The Japan Times for people as multi-lingual as yourself. Check out the Monday edition (not available online, so you may want to get a subscription mailed to you).

            Otherwise, check out every 1st and 16th for postings on teaching (and a few other related) jobs in Japan. Just send an email to and put "get issue" in the subject and text spaces. You'll get a response in a few hours.

            I wouldn't worry about not speaking Japanese if you choose to live in Tokyo. It's such an international city that your English will easily get you by. However, this *is* Japan, so it would be well worth your while to cram some Japanese language (written as well as spoken) into your brain before (and after) you come. Even trying to use it will win you some points with the locals. Any other questions, please email me.


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              Re: Working and Living in Tokyo

              Write yourself to all major hotel chains in Japan with your CV and cover letter. You can find them on the web, or phone directory.


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                Re: Working and Living in Tokyo

                Dear all,

                thank you very much for your advise. I will try all the suggestions given by you.

                With kind regards,


                PS: Please keep giving your feedback anyway, in a situation like this all the help you can get is never too much...


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                  Re: Working and Living in Tokyo

                  Dear Sally

                  Just a note to say good luck finding a good job in Japan. With your language abilities, it shouldn't be too difficult. I only know of the few webpages already mentioned, so I don't have any new information to offer you. However, don't listen to any negative coments about Japan. Living in another country can be difficult at times, there are differences, but that should be expected. It is what you make of it, and it can be great! So good luck!


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                    Re: Working and Living in Tokyo

                    I'm a 29 year old male currently living in Australia and super keen to teach English in Japan. Having had no luck securing a position from either the Big Boys here, or indeed from direct applications to those in Japan so far, I have decided to jump in the deep end and simply buy a ticket and try my luck once in-country. I have a post secondry Diploma and excellent English verbal and written skills, not to mention tons of customer service experience behind me.
                    Is this simply just a wildly naive sense of adventure clouding my better judgement or is it actually feasible to hit the ground running and secure employment relatively easily and quickly? To all of those who have gone before, please advise.


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                      Re: Working and Living in Tokyo

                      hi i m from pakistan my name is naveed i did mba in marketing did be-commerce want to apply for the job in japan in computer point of view. i did in computer ecommerce,doing now i m ccna hoping soon i get reply from all of u indeeed . by
                      naveed mehmood 96 e street no 3 super town main walton road lahore cantt pakistan post code is 54000


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                        Working and Living in Tokyo

                        Hi, I have around 6+ years experience in IT including 3 y 4 m in japan and
                        1 year in Singapore. Currently I am looking for the job in Tokyo and now
                        I am staying in my friend house in tokyo. Please can you help how to find
                        job in Tokyo. I know very basic Japanese, but I very much strong in
                        Technical and Design. I have experience in VB,ASP,IIS,DCOM,HTML,Java,
                        EJB,Servlets,weblogic, Oracle, SQL Server and applications are
                        Application development (Client/server, web), CRM and Banking


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                          Re: Working and Living in Tokyo

                          When I was in Japan...I used to hate it ...but things are changed.
                          I think I am in love with JAPAN again.


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                            Re: Working and Living in Tokyo

                            to ren,

                            You summed it very well. I lived in japan for 3 years and now back in my own country this year. I still like to have a go at their working lifestyle though it is not a piece of cake. btw are u working there now?


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                              Re: Working and Living in Tokyo

                              Hi! I'm Keya. I'm Indian and I am in Tokyo with a spouse visa.(No, I am not married to a Japanese man!!) ('+')
                              I am looking desparately for a English-teaching job. I have a university degree in Business Administration, and I also have an advanced diploma in Interior Design.
                              I have volunteer experience with teaching -taught English and crafts to kids in various orphanages and rural schools in India- and I am happiest dealing with kids.
                              What are the chances -given the details- of my finding a good job here.
                              Actually, for now? ANY job will do 'coz I'm at my wits end, being torn between places like NOVA, and AEON and GABA, and elementary/high schools, where I hear the working environent is better (in what way? I don't quite know...) and that it's more fulfilling.
                              The major plus for schools (elementary and high) is that they are willing (and sometimes more than willing) to hire teachers who are not necessarily native speakers of English, (read: from countries other than those where the mother tongue is English) in order to give their students a more rounded approach to learning (English) as an experience.
                              WHAT DO I DO?
                              WHAT ARE MY CHANCES?
                              Anybody in my situation whose been able to tide over?
                              Do please get in touch.
                              Thanks in Advance,