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Jobs in Vancouver?

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  • Jobs in Vancouver?

    Hello everybody

    I'm a gaijin studying and living for over 7 years
    in Nagoya. I'm Romanian, but I can also speak native
    level English and Japanese . I hold a PhD in
    linguistics and am thinking of relocating to
    Canada, Vancouver, if possible. I have heard that
    there are a lot of Japanese people around there
    and I thought I might have a chance of finding
    something. However, as far as I have seen, the
    job offers over the Internet are extremely limited,
    and most are in the IT sector. Do you have any
    suggestion as to what I should do?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Jobs in Vancouver?

    You need to research companies and organizations that do the kind of work you are interested in. Then contact them directly to ask for more information or even better if you can find out the names of specific people in those organizations you can contact them to ask their advice.

    Look for articles about organizations or articles written by people working there to find information. If you find an interesting article written by a person doing the kind of work you are interested you can contact them to ask questions about the article and about where they work. Tell them your background and interests briefly, say that you are interested in relocating and finding a job in that field and ask them about how they originally found their jobs, what they like about their jobs and if they have advice for you. Do not ask if they have job openings or send your resume at this point and if they start to tell you to just send your resume or say there are no jobs tell them you are only researching at this point and just want their advice. People will be more likely to help you and give you information if you ask them about themselves.

    You need to research and make contacts first to gather as much information as possible. After you have researched different jobs and organizations contact the ones that interest you the most again. Tell them that you have researched and compared different companies and that you are very interested in working for them. Tell them what you know about them (from your research) and what you can do for them based on that. Hopefully through your preliminary research you will already have made personal contacts so you can continue to talk to them directly instead of going through HR. (Avoid HR at all costs. They know nothing about your work and have no reason to help you.)

    All of this is a lot of work but thats what it takes. You are not going to find jobs like this just by searching job boards and sending off a resume. A good website with job hunting advice is
    This web site does not have lists of jobs. It has articles about how you can find and get jobs yourself and a message board where you can ask questions about job search advice.

    Good luck!


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      Re: Jobs in Vancouver?

      Thank you for taking the time to answer my request
      and give me some precious advice. The web page you
      told me about gave me a completely new idea about
      job hunting.


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        Re: Jobs in Vancouver?

        Hello, Nicole,

        Vancouver is a great choice for a place to live, but I would say the majority of jobs requiring English and Japanese language ability would have been in the Tourism/Hospitality field (The number of jobs must be much lower now...)

        In education, there are a number of schools such as the Canadian International College that cater to the Japanese market. I don't know what the salaries are like, but again, these schools must be having a difficult time finding students these days.

        If you have specific questions about life in Vancouver, feel free to contact me. I use as my start page, and find it contains good local information about Vancouver. You might try your question on one of the forums there.

        Toyohashi, Japan.


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          Re: Jobs in Vancouver?

          ps. To email me, delete the caps from my address.


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            Re: Jobs in Vancouver?

            Hello, Fred,

            It's been a long time since I last accessed the pages
            of this forum. The other day I was browsing it out of
            curiosity and I found your reply. Thank you.
            I guess there are thousands of questions I would
            like to ask about getting a job in Canada in general
            and in Vancouver in particular. I have talked to some people
            there and they all tell me that the job market situation is
            not very good right now. By the way, are you from Vancouver?



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              Re: Jobs in Vancouver?

              Jobs here in Vancouver are not very good unless you want tourism. There is some high-tech jobs and maybe some Japanese teaching schools as well. Probably more in Banff and Calgary.