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Starting a coffee shop in Japan

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  • Starting a coffee shop in Japan

    [I] was wondering if anyone could answer a couple of questions for me. I have currently been living in Japan for seven years and I am so ready to get out of the teaching game.
    I have about 1,000,000 yen saved and I'm looking to open a small walk-up window coffee shop (space about 6 to 10 sq. meters) in the beginning and maybe opening a full shop later if things workout.
    Any Advice, in regards to licensing, permits needed to sell coffee, import coffee, or anything that you might think is helpful.
    As far as Visa's are concerned, I have no problem there, my wife is Japanese and I have a Spouse Visa.

    have been researching information about opening a business in japan, importing coffee, health certi./license needed to prepare food and almost anything that you could imagine about opening a coffee shop in Japan.

    What I really would like to hear is personal experiences in opening a similar business here in Japan. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Just one million yen?
    For a coffee stand?

    Have you ever ran a business before?


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      If you manage to open a coffee shop with 1 000 000 YEN, please let me know about it. I might join this business too!


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        Advice please

        Thanks for your response! What do you think is a more realistic goal? I considered cost for 3 months Reiken, Shikiken, Hoshonen, reform cost, heath and food service licenses, application fees, product cost ( my family owns a coffee farm in Hawaii, so product is VERY low), and a 4 month buffer. Also, my father in-law (missing a couple of fingers, type father in-law) will help me with the locals ! If you have opened a business in Japan before, I would truly appreciate any advice you have for me. Thanks!!


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          with so many chain coffee shops beating each other up, YOU want to enter the fray??

          while many Japanese go to Hawaii, I doubt they would connect Hawaii and coffee. Kona brand is available, but barely makes a dent here.

          Starbucks just upped the ante with Reserve blends for 510 to 570 yen a pop! Served at your table, with a minute of discussion from a staff member.

          you would have to put up with customers who plop down for one cup of your cheapest and sit for two hours... with their bags on the next seat. not a good flow/turn over per customer. I have seen kids come into together and each sit at their own study!

          still, if you are just looking for a way to occupy yourself... go right ahead.

          you will need traffic, ambiance, space, and cheap product. ...and many shops deliver to nearby businesses. ... then you need to decide: food or no food. Smoking or no smoking....