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A better future

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  • A better future

    hello guys as the title says i am seeking for a better future and as i always admired japan it would be a great oportunity for me to move and work over there.
    i was born in albania and since 1997 i live in greece so i can speak and right both languages Albanian and Greek.
    i have a degree in English language, Computer ( ecdl as we call it here ) and i have a degree as Electrician.
    i am working as a Bartender-Barista since 2004 and my life time dream is being a sound engeer-Dj. thats my great CV :P. i love japanese language as i watch many japanese anime and learning japanese wont be so dificult for me.

    My only quistion is: DO I HAVE ANY CHANCE OVER THERE?

    ARIGATO guys

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    First check the immigration website what the visa requirements for your passport (Greek ? Albanian ?) are.

    For a working visa you would usually need an employer who will hire you and arrange for the visa. So your only job experience is 7 years as a bartender/barrista ? Finding jobs in the restaurant business will be difficult without Japanese language skills and, frankly, the jobs will not be paying well enough to pay for rent, flights back home, etc.

    Your chances as a skilled IT engineer would be much better, but without relevant experience, chances are very low. Maybe check with Greek/Albanian companies in Tokyo whether they would need people, but I don't know any...


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      Originally posted by Karate Master
      You have more chance than you have in Greece.

      Greece is going down the ____ter.
      Haha, I love this guy!


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        Or the Italian coast is closer.... Hey no offence, just a joke seeing there are many Albanians there.

        Mate, I recently arrived in Japan and was quite lucky getting a job within a month, totally the one that I was not expecting, but loving it so far.

        If your English is at a native level, I do not see any major problems except timing. I spent lots of Yen travelling around knocking on doors, however, it did pay off in the end. I would probably take the advise that others mentioned; come during the hiring season.

        I was told by many I can't get a job because of no diploma and I don't speak the language, not withstanding the fact that I have certificates that total up to about 6 years of study and the fact that I taught aviation theory to Frenchies in English for many a year without them knowing the language.

        I believe it's like most industries. No one wants you cause you don't have experience but once you have a foot in the door you should be set.

        All the best