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Already have a job I can do overseas- but can I?

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    Originally posted by KansaiBen View Post
    Daikokucho is one stop from Namba, within spitting distance of all the pubs and night clubs of Minami and you could still crawl home at night. Not sure what else I can tell you. I dont think you will get into trouble unless you do something really stupid.

    (I know one girl living in Kyushu who got blotto one night, managed to lose her shoes and the shirt/blouse she was wearing and still managed to come home in one piece).
    Sounds perfect! I'm not a heavy drinker, so it should be OK!

    Thanks so much for all your advice!! I was actually tossing up between this and packing my job in and going on the JET programme for a year or two, but I think this will be the better way to get the Japan I want.