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question about degrees and getting a job

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  • question about degrees and getting a job

    Is it possible for me to go to college for two years and get my Associate degree to get a job teaching english in japan/korea?
    From most job listings I've read they require a Bachelor degree(4 years) at least I think.

    I know of the TaLK program in korea that accepts you with a two year degree but it pays much less if i recall correctly. (1.5mil won compared to 2.2mil)
    and if I were to do the TaLK program. can I go off on my own and find a job in a public school to get a better pay after the program is done?
    Also I'm not sure about visas really. can i get a visa to work there with a associate degree?

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    If you don't have the equivalent of a bachelor's degree, you will not qualify for a work visa in Japan unless you have a lot of related work experience. Three years would be the minimum for that.


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      Get a bachelors, it's the minimum in Japan to get the visa. If you are motivated you can finish one online in under a year at places like Ashworth College, Western Governors University, etc.